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The all-purpose mudder tractor built for specialty row crop applications


TORRANCE, Calif. -- Designed with the specialty row crop farmer and rancher in mind, Kubota's M9000DTM Mudder offers operators a four-wheel drive tractor with extra high clearance for row crop applications.

Using a rear drop axle and same sized, large diameter tires the M9000DTM delivers crop clearance of 30.3”, allowing the operator to work without damaging the crops. Wheel tread width options are available from 60” to 80”. With four same sized tires, this tractor can be easily adapted to meet whatever the users needs are.

Kubota’s V3300, 4-cylinder, turbocharged/intercooled E-TVCS indirect injection, diesel engine, provides greater power and higher torque with less noise, vibration and lower emissions.
The M9000DTM comes with a fully synchronized, 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds, main and shuttle transmission with creep speeds. Kubota's Mudder can creep as slow as 0.14 mph or 12.3 feet per minute at rated engine RPM.

Hydrostatic power steering makes steering effortless and precise. Kubota’s bevel-gear front wheel drive system allows equal pulling power at all steering angles and provides for a tight turning radius.

The bevel gears are completely sealed in oil protecting them against mud, dirt and
moisture. The independent front-wheel differential lock provides excellent traction even in the toughest conditions.

The live-hydraulic independent, 540-RPM PTO is standard and allows for smooth, self-modulating engagement. Because the independent PTO clutch operates hydraulically, it is easy to switch between “on” and “off,” regardless of whether the tractor is stationary or moving.

The category II, 3-point hitch has 4630 lbs. of lift capacity at 24 inches behind the lift points. Lift capacity can be increased with the optional lift assist cylinder, which increases lift capacity by 38% to 6170 pounds.

Ergonomically designed, the ISO-mounted semi-flat deck with hanging pedals, gives the operator plenty of legroom.

Kubota Tractor Corporation markets a complete line of tractors up to 103 PTO horsepower, performance-matched implements, utility vehicles, construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, and commercial turf products.

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