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Kubota’s Grand L30 Series

A Forward Looking Design and Innovative Features
Introduce the Next Era in Tractor History


TORRANCE, Calif.-- Building on the tradition of Kubota innovation excellence, the Grand L30 Series incorporates a leading edge IntelliPanel™ communication tool with Kubota diesel technology, resulting in the most powerful and “smartest” compact tractor on the market. Offering more power with greater comfort, while being exceptionally friendly to the user and environment, this series of remarkably responsive 31 to 50 horsepower Kubota Tractors performs multiple operations with maximum results.

The IntelliPanel™ instrument panel accurately conveys systems data through a combination of digital letters, symbols and industry standard indicators. These advise the operator of equipment status and warn of any circumstances exceeding normal operating limits. The LCD (liquid crystal display) IntelliPanel™ can be easily read day-or-night. Standard indicators include hour meter, trip meter, mph travel speed, rear- and mid-PTO speed, fuel, temperatures and shift position.

The Grand L30 Series offers sophisticated factory cabs, a “first” for tractors in this class. Innovative mounting brackets allow for a tough, quiet, airtight cab. Curved glass throughout and frameless doors give the operator a spacious and unobstructed environment. Nine airflow ports control temperature and humidity levels. Standard cab

features include two doors, two cab mounted steps, air conditioner and heater with ventilation, windshield wiper, washer, rear defogger, front work lights, interior light, door mounted side mirrors, 55-amp alternator, lighter, ashtray and deluxe cloth seat.

The Grand L30 Series has six models to choose from: L3130, L3430, L3830, L4330, L4630 and L5030. The Grand L30’s E-TVCS Kubota diesel engine array provides stable output and high torque throughout the range. Model nomenclature reflects net horsepower by the first two numerals, with the “30” indicating series model classification.

There are three transmission choices; the single, pedal-operated Feather Step Hydrostatic (HST), the electronically controlled clutchless Glide Shift (GST), and a fully synchronized main and shuttle manual transmission (FST). The FeatherStep HST, developed exclusively by Kubota, is particularly well matched to the Grand L30 Series as the modulating effect of the servomechanism helps eliminate transfer shocks during pedal operation. Keep a constant working speed with the stepless, lever type cruise control. The GST Kubota exclusive provides twelve forward and eight reverse speeds, giving a wider working range with an optional creep speed kit on some models, providing 24 forward and 16 reverse speeds. The FST with 8F/8R is fully synchronized, and has a double-cone synchro-shuttle to enhance durability while making shuttle shifting easier.

The 3-point hitch features externally mounted twin tandem hydraulic lift cylinders, usually found on higher horsepower tractors, improving hydraulic lift capacity by as much as 20% compared to previous Grand L models. Telescopic lower lift links are standard in this series, making attaching and detaching implements much easier. When it becomes necessary to add rear hydraulic remotes, a second or third control valve after purchase, the stackable-type auxiliary control valve translates into an economical advantage. All Grand L30’s feature hydraulic independent PTO, and an optional mid PTO is available for all models.

Kubota’s open floor seat design introduces an access port/seat, a single component consisting of the deluxe seat attached to the deck plate above the transmission. This access port provides easy access to hydraulic and sensor related components especially convenient for cab models. The all-metal, single piece hood fully opens with just one touch allowing maintenance within the engine compartment simple and direct.

Close attention is paid to safety with pictographic labels, neutral starts, color-coded lever knobs and the front loader joystick transport lock mechanism prevents the front loader from being set into motion if the joystick is unintentionally touched. Kubota’s Operator Presence Control System (OPC), stops the engine when the operator leaves the seat if the tractor is in gear or the PTO is engaged. Foldable or rigid ROPS with a retractable seat belt are standard safety equipment. The steering wheel tilts and locks into position with just a step on the pedal. Even a cup holder is included as standard equipment.

In addition to the Grand L30 Series, Kubota Tractor Corporation markets a complete line of tractors up to 103 PTO horsepower, along with a line of performance-matched implements, utility vehicles, construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment and commercial turf products.

For product literature or dealer location information, contact Kubota Tractor Corporation at 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, Calif., 90503, 1-888-4KUBOTA ext. 900 (1-888-458-2682), or visit

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