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Combining the Zero Tail Swing Concept
With New Excavator Style


TORRANCE, Calif.- Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) announces its first zero tail swing compact excavator for sale in the United States. Kubota has determined a need for a zero tail swing compact excavator that complements conventional designs. Contractors, plumbers, demolition crews, municipalities and rental yards now demand efficient operations in space-restricted areas. This requires versatile, powerful, innovative equipment like that of the all-new 3.5 ton Kubota U35.

“‘Zero Tail Swing’ is a remarkably advantageous feature that allows the operator to rotate the upper structure 360 degrees with the tail remaining completely inside the
width of the tracks,” said Keith Rohrbacker, Construction Equipment Product Manager, Kubota Tractor Corporation. “The U35’s superior hydraulic performance gives a more powerful and smoother digging force, even in heavy-duty conditions, than that offered by any model in this class, by any manufacturer.”

There is absolutely no cab or engine overhang beyond the width of the tracks. The operator no longer has to worry about damage to the excavator or the jobsite structures, even in tight spaces. The engine hood is recessed 4-inches inside the counter-weight so that the side panels, and engine components are extremely well protected.

The U35 Zero Tail Swing model maintains the stability of conventional tail swing machines by means of a compact track width combined with a specially designed counterweight that makes for superb weight distribution, sure footing equal to that of any conventional tail swing model. The compact track width also allows for easy trailer transport from one jobsite to another and the U35’s versatility accommodates a wide array of tasks including those requiring a large bucket, breaker, thumb or auger.

This Kubota excavator can work in a space just wide enough for the machine, right up against a wall or fence, and dig a 9- or 10-foot trench with ease. The combination of zero tail swing, independent boom swing and 360 degree house rotation opens up endless work possibilities given its maximum digging height of 192-inches and a maximum digging depth of 124-inches.

Enhanced hydraulic performance delivers the most powerful travel force of any excavator in the class. Large-capacity variable displacement pumps, together with unique Kubota hydraulic settings, provide optimal boom, arm and bucket combinations to ensuring simultaneous operations with maximum smoothness, speed and power. These may be performed with exceptional precision, and a significant reduction in overall fuel consumption and shorter cycle times when compared to gear pump models.

Kubota’s proprietary X-frame substructure improves the rigidity of the track frame permitting the U35 to withstand the demands of high-cycle and heavy-duty applications. The 30-degree angle of the upper track frame helps keep dirt from falling into the tracks and makes for easier cleanup when operating in wet conditions. Track wear and the possibility of track stall are also reduced as a result of this design.

The U35’s crawler tension spring absorbs shock loads that could affect the service life of the rubber tracks. The two-piece configuration of the boom and dozer cylinder hoses is a real cost saving feature. This proven design plus reduces time to replace a boom or dozer hose by up to 60 percent and at a lower cost.

The lauded Kubota E-TVCS, four-cylinder diesel engine contributes to greater fuel efficiency, enhanced output, an exceptionally high torque rise and lower levels of noise and vibration - important for urban use. The cleaner emissions of this environmentally friendly engine have satisfied rigid US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations and sound levels are low enough to work both day-and-night in residential areas and educational facilities, without disturbing the neighbors.

Conveniently located grease fittings are used to lubricate the front working and swivel bearing groups. A storage bin for tools and manuals is located under the wide-open hood that allows easy access to daily check items and filters. A simple flip of the “one-touch latch” located under the engine hood opens the right side panel wide for access to the hydraulic control valve. Refueling is made easy easier with a ground level access port.

The design of cab/canopy models further protects the operator from jobsite hazards. The U35 meets or exceeds ROPS/FOPS requirements. The cabin includes a heater/defroster, an interior light, windshield wiper and washer. A two pattern selection system (TPSS) allows the operator to easily change pilot controls by shifting the lever beneath the right console, with no tools required. The full-featured suspension seat with arm-rests makes a vital contribution to the operator’s overall productivity.

Kubota Tractor Corporation markets a complete line of excavators from 5.6' digging depth to 12.5' digging depth, along with a complete line of tractors up to 103 PTO horsepower, performance-matched implements, utility vehicles, construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, and commercial turf products.

For more information about Kubota products, contact Kubota Tractor Corporation at 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, Calif., 90503, 1-888-4KUBOTA, ext. 900 or visit

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