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More HP, improved driver comfort, operability, and lower cost


TORRANCE, Calif. -- Kubota Tractor Corporation’s G-Series garden tractor line features increased horsepower, ease of operation, enhanced durability, lower purchase price and reduced operating costs. The G-Series is available in three models the G2160 diesel, G2460G gas and G2160-R48S integral rear chute discharge mower.

All G-Series tractors have a 3/8" (9.5 mm) thick plate ladder type chassis with a 50.8" wheelbase. These garden tractors feature a three-cylinder, liquid cooled Kubota engine, known for their quality, durability and reliability. The G2160 and G2160-R48S models use the 21 HP model D722 diesel engine while the G2460G is fitted with the 24 HP WG752 gasoline power plant. This gasoline engine is based on a diesel engine design for enhanced durability. Featuring low noise and vibration with cleaner emissions, these engines are friendly to the environment. Fuel tank capacity for all models is a large 5.8 gallons.

Utilizing one of the industry's most durable and performance oriented heavy-duty single speed shaft driven hydrostatic transmissions, the G-Series garden tractors deliver traveling speeds of up to 9.3 mph forward and 3.8 mph in reverse.

Developed by Kubota, the axial-piston-type HST is remarkably powerful and improves work performance even in rough terrain. The large-capacity HST requires minimal maintenance further increasing productivity.

The G2160 and G2460G offer versatility with front, mid and rear implements that can be quickly attached and detached. A hydraulic lift makes it easy to raise and lower the mid-mount mower. A grass catcher is available for the mid-mowers. Other options include front quick hitch for mounting a rotary broom or two-stage snow blower and an optional Category O three-point-hitch and remote hydraulic outlet will expand use of rear-mount implements such as a rotary tiller.

Kubota's G2160 and G2460G can both be fitted with the 54” or 60” suspended side-discharge mid-mount mowers. The 60” mower incorporates Kubota's self-balance mechanism, which reduces the stepped differences in cutting height even over undulating terrain. A 48" mower is standard on the G2160-R48S. The quick-attach mower is easily installed without the use of tools, making routine maintenance on mower blades and drive belts easier. Maneuvering in tight places is possible because the mower is compact and the collector chute does not protrude to the side.

With its large-capacity 14-bushel (17.5 cu. ft.) collector, the G2160-R48S contributes to increased efficiency by permitting longer periods of mowing. The grass catcher is equipped with a hydraulic dump system that the user can operate while seated.

Removal of the grass catcher can be done quickly without tools. Another benefit with the G2160-R48S is the cleaning system used for both the chute and mower ports. Clippings can be easily dislodged by an up and down movement of the lever near the operator’s seat.

A deluxe high-back seat with a shock absorbing parallel-link seat suspension adds to driver comfort. The suspension system is designed to absorb impacts while operating over rough or undulating terrain. Complementing the deluxe seat is a full-flat operator's platform. Kubota's advanced ergonomics provide ample legroom and easy access on and off the tractor.

Kubota’s high-performance electronic rack and pinion power steering is a standard feature on all G-Series tractors. Simply turn the steering wheel in the intended direction and the electric motor is activated to help accomplish the task without wasting engine power. With quick and responsive steering the operator can get into places where obstacles require frequent steering adjustments.

Regardless of the experience level of the user, Kubota’s G-Series garden tractors will fulfill the value needs of its owner through increased horsepower, rider comfort, ease of operability and best of all lower cost.

Kubota Tractor Corporation markets a complete line of tractors up to 103 PTO horsepower, along with a line of performance-matched implements, construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, commercial turf products and utility vehicles.

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