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2005 New Products At-A-Glance


TORRANCE, Calif. --"This quick overview of Kubota's new products will continue to demonstrate our commitment to provide our dealers with competitive and technologically advanced equipment for the agricultural, commercial and consumer markets," said Mike Tomita, President of Kubota Tractor Corporation. "We are continuously expanding our product line and facilities to match the overall growth Kubota is experiencing. We are adding an additional manufacturing facility in Georgia to help us meet the increasing dealer and customer demands for Kubota quality products. With the addition of this new plant, combined with the introduction of many new products to the market, we believe Kubota will continue our commitment to our dealers and customers by delivering more value."

Utility Vehicle:

  • RTV900: Four versions are available: standard, worksite, recreational and turf. This utility vehicle is engineered like a tractor, with 4WD, 3-range variable hydrostatic transmission (VHT), wet disc brakes, hydraulic power steering and a 3-cylinder, 21.6 hp Kubota diesel engine. Cargo capacity is 1100 pounds, and a hydraulic bed lift is available.

Residential and Commercial Mowing Products:

  • GR2000/GR2100: The GR-series includes the industry's first revolutionary Glide Steer technology, a combination of all-wheel drive and maneuverability similar to a zero-turn mower. With Glide Steer, the inside rear wheel begins to track freely when making a sharp turn, thus enabling a tight turn while preventing turf damage in the roughest mowing conditions. The GR2000 has an air-cooled gasoline engine with 20 hp and a 48" mower deck, and the GR2100 is equipped with a 21 hp Kubota diesel engine with a 54" mower deck. Kubota's exclusive one-piece integral HST operates on a shaft drive with no belts, providing exceptional durability.

  • ZD-PRO 25: Kubota now offers the ZD-PRO 25 with 25 horsepower, complementing the existing ZD-PRO 21 with 21 horsepower and ZD-PRO 28 with 28 horsepower. The full range of ZD-PRO 21/25/28 zero-turn mowers are especially designed for commercial landscapers to achieve professional results with high performance. The ZD-PRO 25 comes standard with a 60-inch mower deck and the ZD-PRO 21/28 are available with a 60-inch or 72-inch mower deck. The shaft driven ZD-PRO decks are 5.5-inches deep with a seven gauge steel deck that offers excellent cutting performance in all conditions. Additionally, a Striping Kit has been added to the list of attachments already available including Mulching Kits and Grass Catchers.

Compact Tractors:

  • B2630 and B3030: Two new models make up the Premier B Series line. The B2630 generates 19.5 PTO hp and the B3030 delivers 23 PTO hp. The all-new B3030 introduces the first factory cab in its class. This all-weather, all-season cab provides the operator with exceptional comfort and optimal all around vision, allowing the operator to work in any weather condition.

  • L2800HST, L3400HST and L4400: The L Series line-up has just been expanded with three new standard models. Three or four cylinder Kubota diesel engines generate 24, 29 and 37.5 PTO hp. New features include new performance-matched front loaders, and a newly designed one-piece full open front hood. These simple-to-operate tractors are well known for their reliability and optimal performance at an affordable price.

Agriculture/Utility Tractors:

  • M95S/M105S: With a sleek new design, the two tractors are powered by a 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine that uses a Center Direct Injection system to produce high torque rise for greater pulling power. The M105S comes standard with an intercooler for increased horsepower using an innovative Waste-Gate system that increases engine torque even at a low rpm. The M95S delivers 84 PTO hp, while the M105S reaches 93 PTO hp. The tractors come standard with a fully synchronized hydraulic shuttle transmission with Swing Shift or Swing Shift Plus, providing the operator with smooth clutchless shifting and many speeds to choose from.

  • M105X/M125X: The all-new M125X takes Kubota into the 100+ PTO hp class. The M105X produces 90 PTO hp, and the all-new M125X generates 103 PTO hp. Both the M105X and M125X are engineered to produce vigorous pulling power and are equipped with the Intelli-Shift transmission. This eight-speed, dual-range power shift with Auto
    Mode produces superior results. The Auto Mode feature is so intelligent it senses when the load or terrain changes, to automatically shift up or down three gears. While delivering durability and power, these tractors meet strict EPA Tier II emission standards.

Construction Equipment:

  • KX161-3: This compact excavator now offers an optional floating hydraulic angle dozer blade. A single lever controls this easy-to-operate technology. Simple movement of the lever raises and lowers the blade and adjusts the angle of operation. When set at an angle, the blade allows for backfilling while traveling in a forward direction. After backfilling, the floating blade position performs the finishing work. This revolutionary technology reduces the need for repetitive repositioning of the machine. The 47 hp excavator delivers a maximum digging depth of 12.5' and weighs about 12,000 lbs.

  • KX71-3: This all-new two-ton excavator can outperform other machines in its class. Its long arm boasts an impressive 9'9" digging depth, providing the operator with the deepest digging depth of any excavator in its category. The overall width has been kept under five feet, allowing it to fit through tight openings, and the tail swing is only 18", allowing it to avoid obstacles. The KX71-3 weighs in at 6,305 lbs. and is powered by the V1505, four-cylinder engine, rated at 27.5 hp at 2300 rpm. The KX71-3 is stronger to make event the most demanding excavating job easier.

  • L39: This tractor/loader/backhoe offers full 3 pt. hitch and rear PTO versatility. Powered by a 39 hp low emission diesel engine. Special balancers provide lower noise and vibration levels, and a spark arrestor muffler is standard. The transmission is an electronically controlled hydraulic Glide Shift transmission (GST) with 12F/8R speeds. The L39 is also equipped with shuttle shift, which enables clutchless, shock-free shifting for a smooth operation. The performance-matched loader delivers 2,200 lbs. of lift capacity and 9'6" lift height. The new curved boom reaches a maximum of 10' digging depth and a lifting capacity of 1,235 lbs. The L39 delivers exceptional strength for the toughest of jobs.

Kubota Tractor Corporation markets a complete line of tractors up to 103 PTO horsepower, along with a line of performance-matched implements, utility vehicles, construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment and commercial turf products.

For product literature or dealer location information, contact Kubota Tractor Corporation at 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, Calif., 90503, 1-888-4KUBOTA ext. 900 (1-888-458-2682), or visit

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