Kubota Grand L40 Sets New Standard for Compact Tractors


TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 24, 2007 Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) has established a new standard for compact tractors in North America with its introduction of the Grand L40-series. By offering three types of advanced transmissions, powerful Kubota diesel engines and redesigned operator-station features, the Grand L40 enables users to work with confidence and in comfort. Owners can get the most out of this versatile tractor by including upgrades like the new factory-installed Grand Cab™, as well as loaders, backhoes and other performance-matched implements.

"The Grand L40 raises the industry standard that was set just four years ago by Kubotaís Grand L30," says Sean Bifani, product manager at KTC. "Operators will appreciate how easily this innovative tractor delivers professional-quality results, whether they're landscapers at work or homeowners clearing brush. The Grand L40 can handle the heaviest jobs, yet is ultra-quiet, making it the most reliable – and enjoyable – tool in the barn."

User-friendly Advanced Transmission Technology

Debuting in the Grand L40 tractors is Kubota's newly developed, electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission (HST) called the HST Plus. It makes operating a tractor simple, while delivering maximum performance.

HST Plus has four innovative functions that create a new dimension of performance and ease of operation:

1. By simply adjusting a dial, the operator selects one of 13 response levels for HST Response Control that appropriately controls transmission response to the HST pedal.
2. Operators can choose automatic or manual mode for the Hydro Dual Speed (H-DS), which allows additional high and low shifting – even while moving – within each hydrostatic speed range, to create a total of six speed ranges.
3. In response to pressing a mode-selection button, the revolutionary Load-sensing Stall Guard automatically manages power to the wheels, preventing engine stall under load. This can be combined with H-DS for the ultimate in productivity and ease of operation.
4. The new Auto-throttle-advance feature simulates the ease of driving an automatic-transmission car by synchronizing tractor speed and engine power with the HST pedal, while reducing fuel consumption.

"People can also choose Grand L40 gear models with Kubota's exclusive Glide Shift Transmission (GST) for electronically controlled, clutchless operation, or a fully synchronized main-and-shuttle transmission (FST) for economic reliability," says Bifani. "This provides the ultimate in flexibility to truly meet the needs of commercial and residential operators alike."

Durable High-performance Kubota Engines

 All Grand L40 tractors are built around Kubota's industry-leading, three-vortex, combustion-system engines (E-TVCS). Ranging from 34 horsepower to 59 horsepower, these diesel engines have large displacement to create high power output and power-takeoff (PTO) torque, along with cleaner emissions and less vibration.

With its front halogen lights repositioned to enlarge the exterior air-intake area, the new Grand L40 enjoys even better engine cooling with less maintenance. And, operators will need fewer refueling stops due to larger fuel tanks with capacities up to 14.3 gallons. An exclusive Kubota fuel fill sensor also aids the fueling process.

Comfort and Control in the Cab

Whether opting for the premium, air-conditioned Grand Cab or the redesigned operator station with rollover-protection structure (ROPS), operators will like the deluxe, reclining, high-back seat with armrests, superior visibility and other features that help reduce fatigue and maintain productivity.

In response to the increasing preference for cab comfort, the Grand L40 series offers factory-cab configurations for all HST models in every horsepower rating. The cabs have increased head clearance and legroom, additional cooling/heating capacity, and frameless, open-glass windows and doors for 360-degree visibility.

"The redesigned operator platform also has a full-floating rubber cushion that drastically reduces vibration and makes the Grand L40 one of the quietest tractors in the field," says Bifani. "The new Grand L40 offers a level of comfort and control that makes work and chores with the Grand L40 more enjoyable."

Exclusive Kubota IntelliPanel

In addition, the IntelliPanel™ digital display has easy-to-read indicators and sensor messages, making it indispensable for monitoring tractor function and scheduled maintenance.

New Implements and Accessories

Kubota has integrated the front-loader valve into the tractor for easier attachment of front-mounted implements, and added high-quality, construction-grade plating to cylinder rods for excavator-quality rust protection and strength. Operators can manage the LA514, LA724 and LA854 front loaders with a single control lever now located integral to the right fender. Front-mount blades and snow blowers, and the newly designed front rotary sweeper bring added versatility.

The optional BH75A and BH90 backhoes, with their 4point mounting system, easily attach/detach to a tractor-mounted sub-frame. Both feature superior hydraulic performance and can undertake the full range of backhoe tasks. The optional 72-inch mid-mount mower is direct-shaft driven and compatible with the front loader.

"From its design features that make maintenance a breeze, to the rugged power and efficiency engineered into every part, the Grand L40 series offers the ultimate in quality, innovation and value," says Bifani. "Life is truly grand with a new Grand L40 compact tractor from Kubota."

L-series compact tractors from Kubota, which range from 29 hp to 59 hp, are powered by E-TVCS Kubota diesel engines to handle jobs from small farm chores to commercial landscaping. The deluxe, high-performance Grand L30 and L40 series offer advanced transmission technology, IntelliPanel display and state-of-the-art features to make work and maintenance easier.

Kubota Tractor Corporation, Torrance, Calif., is the U.S. marketer and distributor of Kubota-branded equipment, including a complete line of tractors up to 103 PTO hp, performance-matched implements, compact construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, commercial turf products and utility vehicles.

New Grand L40 Series Tractors from Kubota

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The new Kubota Grand L40 series offers three types of advanced transmissions, powerful 34 hp to 59 hp Kubota diesel engines and redesigned operator-station features that set a new standard for compact tractors in North America.

HST PLUS New Feature of Kubota Grand L40 Series

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Kubota's newly developed, electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission, which debuts in the Grand L40 series, makes operating a tractor as simple as driving a car. The HST Plus provides easy and optimal control of both the hydraulic pump and the drive motor, regulates the pump swash plate, and adjusts the motor swash plate between two stages, in both manual and automatic modes.

New Grand Cab on Kubota Grand L40 Series Tractors

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The Kubota L5740 - shown here with a factory-installed deluxe Grand CabT - is one of Kubota's new Grand L40-series compact tractors that has set a new industry standard for performance, ease of operation, and operator comfort.

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