New Kubota KX080-3 Ready to Dig Into Utility Class Excavator Market


TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 25, 2007 Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) is changing the utility class excavator market with the introduction of the Kubota KX080-3, its largest and most advanced excavator to date. Designed especially for work environments where space is limited, but additional power, capacity and efficiency are required, this eight-ton, tight-tailswing excavator offers more than 14,000 pounds of breakout force, along with versatility and features not found in other  utility class excavators.

“It’s exciting to expand beyond the compact-excavator class – where Kubota models have excelled for years – with a machine that brings so many innovations,” says Keith Rohrbacker, product manager at KTC. “From standard features like the industry’s first factory-installed anti-theft system to the power of its 64-horsepower (hp) engine, the new KX080-3 is engineered for extra performance, which is why we believe it will dig trenches around other utility class excavators.”

More Power and Features for Higher Performance

The KX080-3 breaks new ground with the first direct-injection (DI) engine in a Kubota excavator. This quiet Kubota diesel engine can drive 14,660 pounds of bucket force and 8,554 pounds of arm crowd force, but still start easily in the cold while maintaining fuel efficiency. Another fuel-saver that helps reduce noise and exhaust emissions is the auto-idling system, which instinctively adjusts engine revolutions per minute (RPM).

The KX080-3 improves travel by automatically downshifting into low when making turns, moving on soft earth or in extra-heavy-duty-use situations. It also delivers smoother handling through the three-pump, load-sensing hydraulic system, which enables users to perform simultaneous operations, such as dozing and using front attachments, without losing speed. Twin auxiliary-service ports offer a hydraulic-flow rate up to 26 gallons per minute.

“The new KX080-3 builds on Kubota’s reputation for smooth hydraulic operation and stable, balanced weight distribution in its compact excavators,” Rohrbacker says. “It fills the gap between zero-tailswing and traditional tailswing excavators, with a tight tail-swing design; and the KX080-3 meets or exceeds the latest high-capacity dumper, tipper and construction-site requirements.”

Groundbreaking Tight-Tailswing Design and Oil-flow Control

The KX080-3 has a contoured tight-tailswing design with just a 14.17-inch rear overhang that breaks new ground by handling a wider range of loads in more restrictive spaces than traditional excavators handle. It also features extended dumping height and digging-depth range, a swing boom, and larger bucket and dozer-blade capacity.

Unlike excavators that require the operator to get out of the vehicle cab to adjust oil flow manually, the KX080-3’s unique oil-flow control allows easy adjustment to match the needs of the job or the attachment in use. Operators can store settings to quickly switch from using a tilt bucket to manipulating an auger or thumb, creating another time-saving benefit.

Ergonomic, User-centered Cab

Whatever the weather, KX080-3 operators will appreciate the enclosed air-conditioned and heated cab, with an external air vent for fresh air and an easy-open front window. The reclining, high-back, cloth, suspension seat helps reduce operator fatigue with its weight-compensation feature, firm wrist support, and retractable seat belts.

Kubota’s Intelligent Control System LCD control panel provides a digital display of diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. Beyond showing current working conditions, engine RPM, temperature, and oil levels, the LCD panel’s enhanced information system decreases downtime and repair fees, for a total reduction in operating costs

“The KX080-3 also includes a two-speaker sound system, storage space behind the operator seat, and large holders for a drink cup and lunch bucket to make this sophisticated machine comfortable for operators,” Rohrbacker says. “At the same time, we’ve made worker, site and machine safety a primary focus with several specially designed features.”

Safety and Security

Window-guard hardware located on the KX080-3’s outside frame enable easy attachment of a front-window protective cover to safeguard the operator and shield the window glass. Three rear-view mirrors give a wide range of work-site visibility.

For additional safety, the rollover-protection structure (ROPS)/falling-object protection structure (FOPS) cab not only provides protection, but also is equipped with an overload alarm that alerts the operator before load capacity has been exceeded. An anti-drop valve on the boom is standard equipment on the KX080-3. In addition, the swivel negative brake and travel negative brake automatically lock in place until the appropriate circuit is operated.

“In 2005, more than 5,000 equipment thefts were reported, according to the National Equipment Register,” Rohrbacker says. “That’s why the KX080-3 has the industry’s first factory-installed anti-theft system to eliminate the cost of theft and recovery.”

The unique anti-theft system allows only registered keys to crank the engine, with attempts to use other keys disabling the machine and sounding an alarm. Each excavator comes with ready-to-use, pre-registered keys, and an additional programming key for registering additional keys or changing codes.

Implement Options Extend Versatility

A wide range of Kubota implements, such as a hydraulic thumb, tilt bucket, hydraulic breaker, brush cutter, grading bucket and ripper, help get the most out of this utility class excavator. The KX080-3 also can use excavator implements that operators might already own.

“From features like a triple-opening hood that allows easy maintenance, to best-in-class durability, the new KX080-3 offers just what construction excavators and equipment-rental fleets want in a utility class excavator,” Rohrbacker says. “This eight-ton excavator offers the quality, innovation and value they have come to expect from Kubota.”

Kubota’s line of construction equipment includes compact and utility class excavators, powerful articulated wheel loaders, and its Loader/Landscaper tractor/loader/backhoe series – all built around quiet, yet powerful, Kubota diesel engines. KX-series excavators offer balanced operation due to advanced hydraulic systems, as well as operator comfort and finesse in rugged operating environments. U-series zero-tailswing excavators eliminate damage caused by rear overhang in tight spaces.

8-Ton Kubota KX080-3 Excavator

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The new KX080-3, Kubota’s first eight-ton excavator, is engineered to bring smooth hydraulics, superior weight distribution, and extra performance to those looking for a powerful utility class excavator.

Kubota's High-performance KX080-3 Excavator

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Comfort and innovative operator conveniences, such as one-touch, adjustable oil-flow control, are designed into the climate-controlled cab of Kubota’s new high-performance KX080-3 eight-ton excavator.

New KX080-3 Excavator from Kubota

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The new Kubota KX080-3 eight-ton excavator features the industry’s first factory-installed anti-theft system, and is designed to work with a full line of Kubota implements, including the hydraulic thumb shown here.



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