New Versatile Kubota B26 TLB Offers Three Machines in One


TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 25, 2007  Kubota Tractor Corporation has introduced a new B-series Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB) compact tractor with added horsepower; loader-lifting capacity; backhoe digging power and depth to make it a star workhorse for light construction, agricultural work or around the home. The versatility of this highly maneuverable, combination TLB makes the Kubota B26 TLB three machines in one. Whether the job calls for a tractor with 3-point implements, backhoe, or loader applications, the B26 can take on all three applications. The B26 TLB also has a sleek, modern design that improves operator visibility. It also offers a skid-steer-type quick coupler for convenient attachment of a variety of implements.

“The new B26 TLB has features that normally are found only on larger tractors, including a three-point hitch and a sun-shade/falling-object-canopy, rollover-protection structure (ROPS) as standard equipment,” says Keith Rohrbacker, product manager at KTC. “Whether purchasing or renting this powerful new TLB, operators will appreciate its incredible versatility and comfort that help them easily accomplish a wide array of tasks.”

Advanced Features Usually Found on Larger Tractors

Under the hood, the 26-horsepower Kubota diesel engine increases power by 23 percent while offering a combination of high torque rise, low noise and vibration, and cleaner emissions. In addition to the high-output, liquid-cooled engine, which conserves fuel to lower operating costs, the B26 features a reinforced, integrated main frame for an uncompromising ability to take on repetitive loader/backhoe work.

Also unique in this category is the B26’s four-wheel drive with a differential rear-axle lock that enables unstoppable performance on varying terrain.

“The Category I three-point hitch makes the new Kubota B26 a real workhorse, lifting 1,676 pounds 24 inches behind the lift points, then storing in a convenient, on-board space when not in use. And another feature that increases productivity is the hydraulic, independent, power takeoff (PTO), which enables PTO engagement without having to stop the tractor,” says Rohrbacker.

Loader and Backhoe Improvements

From the brace-less loader frame that improves forward visibility while offering easier
under-the-hood access, to the innovative backhoe quick-mount system, the B26 is engineered for performance.

“With a lift height of 7 feet, 10 inches and capacity of 1,300 pounds, the B26’s improved loader brings productivity to new heights,” says Rohrbacker. “It also features a mechanical spill guard and a built-in loader valve that’s protected to increase longevity.”

Adding to this long life is a design that routes both the loader’s and the backhoe’s hydraulic hoses through the booms for greater protection. The skid-steer-type quick coupler is another high-end feature that enables exchange of front implements, such as pallet forks, a bale spear or post-hole digger, by simply pushing the handles down and attaching hose-couplers.

Operators easily can check the bucket level using an indicator located on the loader lift arm, and will appreciate the convenient side-positioning of the loader joystick accompanied by a sturdy armrest. By simply lifting a lever, the deluxe seat can be reversed to make switching to backhoe operation a snap.

The new Kubota B26 backhoe is built to be more versatile than ever while offering more than 4,000 pounds of bucket-breakout force and a digging depth of 8 feet, 4 inches. Its curved boom helps avoid dig-area obstacles, achieve maximum digging depth with a minimum trench cut, and easily load onto trailers.

All of this power combines with a high-performance inching valve to create smooth, precise movement of the arm and boom, which is ideal for finish work. And, the increased stabilizer-lift capacity provides better balance and control on any terrain.

Versatile Options and Attachments

The Kubota B26 TLB is designed to accommodate many options and attachments for customizing this compact tractor to meet unique needs.

An optional loader third-function auxiliary hydraulic valve enables use of a four-in-one bucket, grapple bucket and other hydraulically controlled implements. The companion optional backhoe auxiliary hydraulics kit allows operation of the backhoe’s hydraulic thumb, auger and other hydraulic tools. The quick attach backhoe converts the B26 into a completely different machine with its own set of attachments and auxiliary hydraulics. Additional options include a backhoe quick-attach coupler, ROPS-mounted work lights, trenching buckets and a backup alarm kit.

“The new, streamlined B26 is more versatile than most tractors in its class, yet has the power and high-end features operators want today,” says Rohrbacker. “And, at the heart of this TLB is the quality, innovation and value people expect from Kubota.”

The B-series compact tractors from Kubota, which range from 18 to 30 gross engine hp, provide exceptional efficiency, power and operator comfort when tackling light construction, nursery work or residential chores. They are powered by Kubota’s three-vortex, combustion-system (E-TVCS) diesel engines with low emissions and noise. B-series tractors have a worldwide reputation for dependability, and accommodate a full range of performance-matched implements, such as rotary tillers, mowers, backhoes and front loaders.


New B26 TLB from Kubota

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The new, streamlined Kubota B26 TLB compact tractor offers features usually found on larger tractor/loader/backhoes to make agricultural, commercial and residential work easier.

Versatile B26 TLB new from Kubota

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A skid-steer-type quick coupler enables easy attachment of a bucket to Kubota’s new B26 compact tractor, which has a lift capacity of 1,100 pounds and a best-in-class lift height of seven feet, 10 inches, and with the standard 3 pt. hitch, this TLB is more versatile.

Kubota B26 TLB is Three Machines in One

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Whether the job calls for a tractor with 3-point implements, backhoe, or loader applications, the Kubota B26 TLB can take on all three applications.



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