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The Power of Choice: Kubota Expands Zero-Turn Mower Line
Full Size, Compact, Gas or Diesel Kubota Zero-Turns Provide Operators with Innovation and Efficiency

TORRANCE, Calif. (May 11, 2011) –Kubota introduces the new ZG332 and continues to add to its line of zero-turn mowers to include both full-size and compact models available with Kubota gasoline and diesel engines. Whether seeking the convenience of a gas-powered engine, or the fuel-efficiency and power inherent with diesel, operators will find just the mower they need in Kubota’s Z-Series line-up.

Introducing the New ZG332
The latest addition to the hard-working mower line up is the new ZG332 – Kubota’s most powerful gasoline zero-turn model yet.  The new model boasts a 32.5-horsepower liquid-cooled Kubota gasoline engine, hydrostatic transmission and Pro Commercial mower deck in both 60- and 72-inch options. In addition to its exceptional power, the new ZG332 also offers duel fuel tanks for nearly 13 gallons of fuel capacity to help get through long days on the green.

“Landscapers, groundskeepers and homeowners are seeking mowers that will provide the precision they need in a machine that makes sense for their varying businesses, from golf courses to municipalities to sports facilities,” says Kyle Hagen, product manager for Kubota. “With multiple zero-turn models in our line – compact to full-size – as well as both gas and diesel options, we meet virtually every need so our customers don’t have to settle.”

The Option to Choose, Diesel or Gas
Kubota’s zero-turn mowers are designed, manufactured and powered by Kubota, ensuring top quality is delivered from the engine to transmission and mower deck cut.  Gas-powered engines will provide operators the convenience they need to expand and diversify their fleet.  Diesel-powered engines reduce fuel consumption and emissions, while increasing productivity.

Z300-Series Zero-turn Mowers Bring Power, Comfort to Large Jobs
Kubota’s Z300-Series offers full-size chassis and large mower decks that increase comfort.  In addition to the new ZG332, there are six models in the Z300-Series, providing a variety of horsepower capabilities, from the 21-horsepower ZD321 to the powerful 31-horsepower ZD331. With mower deck sizes of up to 72 inches, Kubota’s full-size zero-turn mowers offer landscapers and groundskeepers the power and versatility they need.  For exceptional fuel efficiency on larger jobs, operators can turn to one of the four models in the Z300-Series that are powered by Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engines.  For power and optimum convenience, Kubota also offers its full-size gasoline-powered zero-turns:  the ZG327 and the new ZG332.

Z200-Series Zero-Turn Mowers Provide Precision, Maneuverability
For tighter work spaces, Kubota’s Z200-Series is equipped with a compact chassis, providing a lower center-of-gravity resulting in light maneuverability and superior navigation.  Offering exceptional fuel efficiency, the ZD221 boasts a 21-horsepower Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engine. The 48- and 54-inch Pro Commercial Mower Deck size feature a unique baffling system, improving airflow to discharge grass clippings, and an anti-overflow system for professional looking results.  Kubota’s compact zero-turn gasoline-powered models include the ZG222 and the ZG227, powered by durable 22- and 27-horsepower air-cooled Kubota gasoline engines, respectively.

Operator Comfort and Easy Maintenance
Kubota’s zero-turn mowers are built to keep operators comfortable during even the longest work days. Both compact and full-size models in Kubota’s Z-Series feature a full-flat operator platform to provide optimal operator comfort, as well as features like the hands-free parking brake and hands-free hydraulic deck lift to further reduce operator fatigue after long hours on the job. All Kubota zero-turn models feature unmatched maintenance and service access to the engine, transmission and mower deck.  Trouble-free mower, HST and engine access allows operators to easily check fluids and grease zerks, ensuring proper maintenance.

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Boasting a new 32.5 horsepower liquid-cooled Kubota gasoline engine, Kubota’s new ZG332 full-size zero-turn mower emerges as Kubota’s most powerful gasoline zero-turn mower yet.

Kubota’s compact ZD221 zero-turn mower is powered by a Kubota diesel engine and offers light maneuverability and superior navigation.

Kubota continues to expand its line of zero-turn mowers to offer both full-size and compact models available with Kubota gasoline and diesel engines, providing a zero-turn option fit for jobs of any size.  The full-size Z300-Series comprises six powerful models, including the new ZG332. Boasting a new 32.5-horsepower liquid-cooled Kubota gasoline engine, hydrostatic transmission and Pro Commercial mower decks in both 60- and 72-inch options, the ZG332 emerges as Kubota’s most powerful gasoline zero-turn model yet.  Kubota’s three compact Z200-Series models each provide lower centers-of-gravity resulting in light maneuverability and superior navigation.  The compact Z200-Series also offers both gas- and diesel-powered engines.


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