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Kubota Expands ZD Series of Zero-Turn Mowers with ZD221 and ZD323
Kubota's New Models Feature Professional Cutting Capabilities with Greater Fuel Efficiency


TORRANCE, Calif. (October 23, 2008) - Kubota introduces the new ZD221 and ZD323 models to its growing line of zero-turn mowers. The ZD221 is the industry's first Kubota 21-horsepower (gross hp) diesel mower in a compact zero-turn frame, while the full-size ZD323 zero-turn mower operates at 23 horsepower (gross hp). Both additions to the ZD line-up feature professional cutting capabilities for a wide range of applications, including commercial and residential.

"Kubota's diesel engine provides increased power and torque, improving fuel efficiency," says Kyle Hagen, Kubota turf product manager. "In fact, the torque-to-horsepower ratios of all Kubota diesel zero-turns translate into true savings. When compared to competitive gasoline machines, Kubota's diesel goes beyond simply offsetting the price of diesel, but can significantly reduce overall fuel operating costs as well."

Kubota's compact ZD221 has options for either a 48- or 54-inch Pro-Commercial mower deck and operates at a maximum speed of 9 mph. The larger Kubota ZD323 has a 60-inch Pro-Commercial mower deck with an industry leading 6.5-inch-deep design, and a maximum speed of 9.3 mph. Both new zero-turn models boast high-performance, shaft-driven hydrostatic transmissions, offering hydraulic PTO clutches while providing hands-free operations in both a hydraulic deck lift and parking brake. The compact ZD221 and full-size ZD323 models are Kubota designed and built to handle a wide range of mowing tasks with integral-type, twin-hydrostatic transmissions, Pro-Commercial mower decks, commercial-grade frames, and Kubota diesel, liquid-cooled engines.

Operator Comfort and Easy Maintenance
Kubota ZD Series mowers are built to keep operators comfortable during even the longest work days. The ZD323 comes equipped with Kubota's high-back deluxe suspension seat and an adjustable front axle that can easily be switched from rigid to oscillating, further adding comfort to the operator's ride. All Kubota zero-turn models feature a full-flat operator platform to provide optimal operator comfort, as well as features like the hands-free parking brake and hydraulic deck lift to further reduce operator fatigue after long hours on the job. Additional operator extras include a cup holder and user-friendly instrument panel that keeps controls and indicators close for easy access and viewing.

Pro-Commercial Mower Deck with Mulching Option
Flexible discharge chutes, anti-overflow systems, and improved baffle designs combine to make up the ZD Series Pro-Commercial mower decks ideal for a wide range of mowing tasks. The ZD221 compact model offers both 54- and 48-inch Pro-Commercial deck options, while the ZD323 full-size model comes standard

with a 60-inch Pro-Commercial mower deck, an industry leading 6.5-inch-deep design that allows for faster cutting, even in tall and wet grass. Both models offer three-blade designs and cutting height options of one to five-inches, by quarter-inch increments.  And all are supported by Kubota’s unique, parallel linkage mounting system. Standard on the ZD323, Kubota's innovative two-pin, tilt-up lift feature, integral to the oscillating front axle, allows the front of the mower to be raised without having to remove the mid-mount mower, making under-deck routine maintenance quick and simple. The optional advanced mulching system on all ZD Series models provides an extra-fine cut due to a Kubota original closed-system baffle, leaving a professional finish, even in thick grass.

Bag-type grass catcher
The compact design and 12.2-bushel capacity of the 2-bag and 1-tray grass catcher is easy to use. The high-capacity catcher allows the operator to mow longer over a larger area without stopping as often to empty clippings. For quick disposal of clippings, the hopper lid is simply unlocked and opened, allowing the bags to slide out and be dumped. The “Catch-ALL” deck mounted blower allows operators to simply out-work the competition with its high capacity and high performance.

Kubota Tractor Corporation, Torrance, Calif., is the U.S. marketer and distributor of Kubota-branded equipment, including a complete line of tractors up to 103 PTO hp, performance-matched implements, compact and utility-class construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, commercial turf products and utility vehicles.

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Kubota’s ZD221 is the industry’s first 21-horsepower (gross hp) Kubota diesel engine in a compact zero-turn frame. With nearly 40 pounds-per-foot of torque, the ZD221 offers the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class.


ZD323 Caption:
Kubota's ZD323 features 23 horsepower and 60-inch Pro-Commercial mower deck. An industry leading 6.5-inch-deep design, allows the deck to efficiently cut through the heaviest conditions, especially when matched with Kubota's powerful diesel engine.

Kubota’s ZD221 offers the industry’s first 21-horsepower Kubota diesel engine in a compact zero-turn frame.  Supplying virtually 40 pounds-per-foot of torque, the high torque-to-horsepower ratio translates into true savings.  When compared to competitive gasoline machines, Kubota’s diesel goes beyond merely offsetting the price of diesel, but can significantly reduce overall fuel operating costs as well.  Featuring Kubota’s Pro-Commercial Decks, the ZD221 offers 48- and 54- inch options, flexible discharge chute, anti-overflow system, and Kubota unique baffle design for optimum performance in the toughest of conditions.  An optional front lift allows quick and simple maintenance, without removing the mower deck.

Kubota’s 23-horsepower ZD323 features a 60-inch mower with industry leading 6.5-inch-deep design, allowing for efficient cutting in the heaviest of conditions.  With close to 45-pounds-per-foot of torque, the high power-to-weight ratio translates into true savings.  When compared to competitive gasoline machines, Kubota’s diesel goes beyond merely offsetting the price of diesel, but can significantly reduce overall fuel operating costs as well.  Operator comfort is ensured with a user-friendly instrument panel and industry-leading deluxe suspension seat.  An oscillating front axle further increases operator comfort and an integral lift allows quick and simple maintenance of the deck without timely removal.


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