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Kubota Adds New L45 Tractor-Loader-Backhoe to Lineup
Kubota L45 TLB Features HST Plus Transmission and the Versatility of Three Machines in One


TORRANCE, Calif. (February 19, 2009) - Kubota introduces the new L45 tractor-loader-backhoe (TLB), a tractor built for power and versatility. The L45 operates like three machines in one, combining a strong loader and backhoe with three-point implement capabilities. Powered by a 45-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and new HST Plus Transmission, Kubota’s L45 is ideal for rental users, contractors, landscapers and homeowners with professional results in mind.

"The new Kubota L45 is designed to meet and exceed the needs of a professional, while helping the novice operate like one," says Keith Rohrbacker, Kubota product manager. "Whether the task calls for a tractor with three-point implements, excavating utility trenches or loading materials, the L45 provides the power and versatility to get the job done."

HST Plus Transmission for a Smoother Ride
Equipped with hydro dual speed, load-sensing ability and auto throttle, the L45's HST Plus Transmission provides automated control of the HST pump and motor. With Kubota's hydraulic servo system, the L45 also provides a smoother, more responsive pedal, minimizing required pressure and easing operation.

More Powerful Loader and Backhoe
Both the L45 loader and backhoe feature innovative new design and enhanced capabilities. The loader is designed with a slanted boom and braceless frame, and has a lifting capacity of 2,200 pounds with a nine-foot, six-inch lifting height. The sloping hood allows the operator to visually check the surrounding area when working with the front loader, even with the bucket lowered. In addition to improved visibility, hydraulic auto-leveling technology makes the L45 loader just as productive as it is powerful. The L45 backhoe boasts a 10-foot digging depth, a high-performance inching valve and a standard hydraulic thumb bracket. The L45 features standard backhoe crawling mode, providing the ability to move at "creep" speed, ultimately saving time when repositioning while trenching.

Job Site Versatility
Whether hauling, tilling or cleaning with a box scraper, the L45’s rear axle and independent PTO powers a wide selection of tools, allowing the L45 to provide immense versatility. From a multi-functional quick coupler to detachable backhoe and rear remote hydraulic control valves, attachments can be easily mounted and exchanged on the loader, backhoe, and optional 3-point hitch of the L45.

Optimal Operator Comfort and Safety
When it comes to operator comfort and safety, the L45 features a digital control panel, slanted hood and standard roll-over protection structure (ROPS).  Widened operator’s space of the L45 allows for increased operator mobility and arm rests. For additional operator comfort and ease, the L45 is equipped with a convenient parking brake, backup alarm and four work lights. No matter what the job calls for, the L45 can provide professional results and keep the operator comfortable and safe, making it an exceptional value.

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Kubota L45 TLB:
Powered by a 45 horsepower Kubota diesel engine and new HST Plus Transmission, Kubota’s L45 is designed to meet and exceed the needs of a professional, while helping the novice operate like one.

L45 TLB:
The Kubota L45 TLB tractor-loader-backhoe features an HST Plus Transmission and the versatility of three machines in one, combining a strong, integrated loader and quick attach backhoe with a Category I 3-point hitch. With a slanted boom design and braceless frame for excellent visibility, the loader is designed with a lifting capacity of 2,200 pounds. The backhoe offers a 10-foot digging depth and backhoe crawling mode to reposition along trenches. Powered by a 45-horsepower Kubota diesel engine, the L45 TLB’s immense versatility is ideal for operators with professional results in mind.


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