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Kubota's All-New KX71-3:

Exceptional Power to Tackle Tough Excavating Jobs


TORRANCE, Calif. -- Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) announces its all-new KX71-3 compact excavator. Kubota's rugged engine gives this excavator more than enough power to take on even the toughest excavating jobs. The V1505, four-cylinder engine is rated at one of the highest levels of power in its class boasting 27.5 horsepower (hp) at 2,300 rpm. Kubota's engines are designed to be extremely powerful and reliable, and the KX71-3's engine is no exception.

Its long arm provides the operator with the deepest digging depth of any excavator in its category - 9' 9". The arm and bucket generates 3,285 lbs. and 6,350 lbs. breakout force that produces outstanding operational performance. The KX71-3 is stronger to make even the most demanding excavating jobs easier.

This two-ton compact excavator can outperform other machines in its class. The overall width has been kept under five feet, allowing it to fit through tight openings. Its operating weight is 6,305 lbs. with machine and track shoe widths being 5'1" and 12" respectively, giving it low ground pressure and greater stability.

One of the greatest user benefits of this excavator is that it is able to fit in the narrowest of places. The tail swing overhang is only 18", allowing it to avoid obstacles, resulting in greater opportunities to more job sites.

This compact excavator is equipped with variable displacement pumps that automatically adjust the oil flow and pressure according to the workload. This decreases vibration and noise and reduces the required engine horsepower enabling greater fuel economy. The KX71-3 is so fuel-efficient; one full tank enables the operator to work ten continuous hours.

The KX71-3 is equipped with an all-new LCD panel. Kubota's new Intelligent Control System (KICS) displays easy-to-understand diagnostic readings on the digital panel. The system alerts the operator as to when routine maintenance is due and the refueling assistant informs the operator when the tank is nearly full to avoid spills.

Kubota prides itself on designing equipment that is safe and offers maximum comfort, allowing the operator to work longer hours at a time. The KX71-3 is equipped with a spacious ROPS/FOPS certified canopy or cab that offers plenty of leg room and comes standard with an adjustable, deluxe suspension seat with headrest. Other comfort features include: adjustable wrist rests to help reduce arm movement for increased efficiency, two-speed travel switch mounted on the dozer lever to increase floor space, and a short stroke operating lever that requires less arm movement yet increases control with only the slightest flick of the wrist.

Kubota Tractor Corporation markets a complete line of tractors up to 103 PTO horsepower, along with a line of performance-matched implements, utility vehicles, construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment and commercial turf products.

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