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Kubota Leasing Promotional Offers
Kubota Leasing offers Promotional Rates for Commercial Customers and Low Rates
for Municipalities—both with options based on your needs and projected usage.
Get a leasing quote today, and get the Kubota equipment you need at payments as low as these:
Kubota Leasing Promotional Rates for Excavators are valid from July 1, 2017 through September 30, 2017 sold by authorized Kubota dealers. Offer is available to credit-qualified commercial customers in the U.S. with an application approved by Kubota Leasing. Equipment lease is based on 1200 hr per year usage, and following prescribed maintenance and other requirements as set forth in the Kubota Leasing lease agreement. Monthly payment amounts stated in banner are based on MSRP with a 60-month term. Lease is intended to be structured as a True Lease with a Fixed Price Purchase Option. Payments are subject to applicable taxes. Promotion subject to change at any time by Kubota Leasing.
Get the Lowest Payments with the Most Flexibility
Municipal Extended Payment Plans
Make the Most of Your Budget, with the Ability to Cancel
With Municipal Extended Payment Plans from Kubota Leasing, your agency can:

• Terminate without Penalty
Cancel the lease after the current budget period and return the equipment if funds are not appropriated.

• Get New Equipment & Spread Costs
Structure payments around your budget so you can get the equipment you need now, and spread the costs over multiple budget periods.

• Upgrade Flexibility & Cost Expansion
Add new equipment to your plan any time during the lease term.
In today’s economy, you can still afford to grow your business with Kubota Leasing. We offer products that provide new equipment at the lowest monthly payment with flexible structures that can match your cash flow.

Kubota Leasing offers Commercial and Municipal Customers:
• The lowest monthly payments
• Flexible trade ups
• End-of-term options with True Lease & FPPO structures
• Payments that can be lowered for off-peak months

Added Tax and Accounting Benefits
With Kubota Leasing’s True Lease (FMV) structure, businesses may claim the entire lease payment as a tax deduction. In addition, assets do not appear on the balance sheet, which can improve financial ratios, avoid restrictive bank covenants, and preserve lines of credit.

The Low Payments, Flexibility and Added Benefits of a lease structure may be your best option. Get a Leasing Quote from a Dealer today.
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