Revamped and ready to work: Kubota’s new F2690E features an efficient 25.5HP Kubota diesel engine, 2WD, 60” or 72” cutting widths and a high lift capacity to handle an array of implements.
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Kubota Diesel Engine

Powerful Kubota diesel engines mean faster, more
efficient job performance. These F-Series engines
have power to spare. Their high torque rise ensures
faster, smoother recovery under sudden loading,
letting you power through tall or wet grass without
skipping a beat. They're also environmentally and
economically friendly thanks to their compliance
with the EPA's Tier IV emissions regulations,
enhanced combustion efficiency, low vibration and
noise levels, and reduced fuel costs.

Clean Emission

The F-Series diesel engines are built for greater
power with cleaner emissions. The F3990’s liquid-cooled E-TVCS (vortex combustion system) engine delivers increased power and high torque for all the tractor strength you need while lowering emissions. Its combination with the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler further reduces emissions to make it compliant with the Tier IV Emissions regulations.

Electronic Governor

The F3990 diesel engine features an electronic governor that stabilizes the engine speed at 2,500rpm with the PTO switched on for enhanced cutting and discharge performance, and increases engine speed to 2,700rpm with the PTO switched off for faster traveling speed.

High Lift Capacity

A high lifting capacity gives the F-Series the versatility to handle an array of implements, including a grass catcher, snow blower, rotary sweeper, debris blower and the 100” flex mower.

Large Capacity Fuel Tank

A large, 16.1 gallon fuel tank not only keeps you working longer between fuel stops, it also reduces the number of fueling stops needed to complete long jobs. That means more time working and less time fueling up. The refueling pipe is now conveniently located right behind the ROPS.

4WD and Auto-Assist 4WD

Auto-Assist 4WD works in forward and reverse, automatically controlling the drive loads on the wheels during turns. Auto-Assist 4WD lets you turn with greater efficiency and ease with less wear and tear on the turf. Full-time 4WD can also be engaged.

Hydrostatic Power Steering

Hydrostatic power steering reduces operator fatigue and makes it easier to mow around trees and other obstacles.

Single HST Pedal

A powerful hydrostatic transmission provides quick response, excellent working speed, and more muscle for tough mowing jobs. The single pedal design lets you easily change the direction as well as control the speed (4WD: 12.5 mph max. forward speed, 6.8 mph in reverse), keeping your hands free for steering and implement control for increased productivity.

Large Tires with Wide Tread

Four large-sized tires provide a wide tread for greater stability and maneuverability on slopes, better flotation and less ground compaction.


Tilt Steering Wheel

The tilt steering wheel can be quickly adjusted to several positions for optimum operator comfort and further driving ease.

High/Low Lever

The handy Hi/Low lever is standard equipped on all models so you can adjust the mower speed to better match the terrain or situation.


Pro-Commercial Mower Deck

The Pro-Commercial mower deck comes with an inner baffle to prevent cut grass from discharging to the front. A larger discharge chute improves discharge performance. Also need less power to run mower.

PTO Shaft Drive

Shaft drive means no belts or pulleys – just smooth and direct power transfer from the engine to the deck and other PTO-driven attachments. Shaft drive also requires less maintenance and provides greater dependability.

Multi-V-Belt and Steel Pulleys

In addition to providing greater wear resistance, the heavy-duty cast-iron pulleys and a multi-V-belt drive system effectively distribute and reduce tension while transmitting power to the mower blades. The multi-V-belt won’t twist or slip, thus reducing the chance of damage to the mower. You get more performance and power – and fewer problems.

Fabricated Deck with Sturdy Steel Construction

Stronger and more durable than conventional pressed steel decks, the F-Series’ fabricated steel decks are designed to provide years of reliable cutting performance with minimal maintenance.

Swivel Anti-Scalp Wheels

The mower deck is equipped up front with two large wheels that swivel independently through 360 degrees. The wheels ensure that the deck remains above the turf, preventing unsightly turf damage.

6.0” Deep Mower Deck

Tall grass is no problem for this side-discharge professional mower deck. Its 6.0"-deep deck design lets tall grass stand up so that it can be cut more efficiently. This results in a faster cut and a cleaner appearance.



Rear Discharge Mower

When side discharge won’t do, mount a rear discharge mower deck. Two sizes—60" and 72"—are available. Both decks tilt up 90 degrees for easier cleaning and blade sharpening. They also feature sturdy steel construction for greater durability and front lift arms that attach directly over the center of gravity for better control. Mulching kits are also available.

Easy Maintenance

Downtime is unproductive time, so the F-Series is designed for quick and simple maintenance. From the quick-release engine cover to the 90-degree tilt mower deck, every detail has been geared towards getting you back on the job as quickly as possible and keeping you there as long as possible.

90-degree Tilt Mower Deck

The mower deck lifts a full 90 degrees, providing unobstructed access to the blades and deck underside for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Dual-Element Air Cleaner

The dual-element air cleaner helps keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently. Only the outer filter needs to be replaced—the inner filter can be cleaned with a pressured air—helping to reduce maintenance costs. The F3990 air cleaner is equipped with a choke indicator that turns red when the filter needs cleaning or replacement.

Integrated Radiator Screen

The new, easy to clean radiator screen is integrated into the engine cover to help keep the engine running cool and efficiently. A water temperature gauge and overheating alarm are also provided to help prevent overheating.

Tool Box

Conveniently located under the seat, the tool box provides fast access storage for your tools. It’s also an ideal place to store your operator manual for quick and easy reference while on the job.

New Digital Panel

The new easier to read LCD digital panel provides vital information about the F-Series mower at a glance, including DPF-related information, engine speed, remaining fuel, water temperature and hour meter.

Deluxe Seat

The F-Series’ high level of comfort starts with a deluxe high-back seat with four separate adjustments—weight control, lumbar support, back angle, and arm rests—to provide every operator with a custom fit and optimum comfort.

Operator Levers

For easier operation and greater convenience, the High/Low speed lever and deck-lifting lever are positioned beside the operator’s seat. The lever guides have also been designed for quick, at-a glance identification.

100” Flex Deck Mower

Rotary Sweeper

Front Blade

Snow Blower

Debris Blower

Quick Hitch

Grass Catcher

Mulching Kit
60" Deck - F5266
72" Deck - F5276