Kubota V2607-DI Engine
Kubota V2607-DI EngineThe U55-4 is powered by Kubota's impressive 47.6 HP direct injection engine, complies with Tier IV emission regulation. Engineered with the power to maximize digging and lifting performance, it also delivers minimized noise, vibration and fuel consumption.

Hydraulic Angle Blade (Option)
Hydraulic Angle Blade (Option)Save time and work more efficiently. With a simple movement of a rocker switch on top of the dozer lever, the hydraulic angle blade can be angled to the right or left to push soil to the side as the machine moves forward, eliminating the need for repetitive repositioning at right angles when backfilling trenches.

Auxiliary Circuit 1 (Standard Equipment)
Auxiliary Circuit 1 (Standard Equipment)Controlled by the right-hand joystick, AUX1 supplies 19.8 gpm to operate attachments requiring hydraulic flow, like a breaker, thumb, or tilt bucket.

AUX1 Diverter Valve
With the AUX1 diverter valve, the AUX oil supply can be changed without having to remove the thumb pipeline when the operator wants to use a hydraulic attachment.

Auxiliary Circuit 2 (Optional)
With AUX2 installed the left-hand joystick supplies 19.8 gpm to operate attachments like a breaker, auger or tilt bucket. The right-hand joystick supplies 9.8 gpm to operate the hydraulic thumb.

Adjustable Maximum Oil Flow Control
Adjustable Maximum Oil Flow Control The maximum oil flow settings of both circuits are conveniently adjustable from the digital panel. No additional tools or complex manual adjusting procedures are necessary. You can even program up to five oil flow rates corresponding to specific attachments into memory on the digital panel.

Stronger Bucket and Arm Breakout Force
Stronger bucket and arm breakout forceThe U55-4 delivers an impressive bucket digging force of 11,177 lbs. Its powerful and well-balanced arm and bucket allow the operator to dig faster and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions.

Wider Cabin
Wider cabinThe U55-4 features a much wider door and ample foot space, making it a breeze to get on and off the excavator.

Two Speed Travel
Two speed travelPlacing the 2-speed travel switch on the dozer lever gives you more foot space, plus dozing operations can be done faster and easier.

Auto Shift
Downshifting under load, the auto-shift system returns to high speed automatically, providing smoother turns and dozer work.

Tight Tail Swing
Tight tail swingWith its counterweight protruding a mere 2.5 inches, this tight tail swing model proves to be highly versatile when undertaking operations wherever space is confined.

3-pump Load Sensing System
Kubota's improved 3-pump load sensing hydraulic system ensures smoother operation, regardless of load size. It allows hydraulic oil to flow according to the specific range of the operator's lever motion. The result is greater fuel economy and smoother travelling.

5 Lower Track Rollers
5 Lower track rollersTravelling noise and vibration are reduced thanks to five lower track rollers. That helps reduce operator fatigue by the end of a long day.

Powerful Air Conditioning
Powerful air conditioningThe overall air circulation in the cab has been improved, thanks to a stronger cooling/heating unit and the positioning of six vents around the operator to offer better all-round comfort.

Thumb Bracket and Relief Valve as Standard
Thumb bracket and relief valve as standardThe hydraulic thumb makes short work of a variety of loading and material handling jobs. The factory installed mount brackets and hydraulics significantly reduce the time needed to mount accessories.

Deluxe Suspension Seat
Kubota’s high-back suspension seat has been designed for maximum operator comfort and to minimize fatigue during extended machine operation. The deluxe reclining seat offers weight compensation, firm adjustable wrist support and rectractable seat belts.

ROPS/OPG (Top Guard) Cabin
The OSHA-certified ROPS/OPG (Top Guard) cabin provides protection in the event of accidental rollovers and falling objects.

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