A special utility tractor should be just that: Special. And Kubota’s most powerful B Series tractor ever fits the bill with even more versatile, user-friendly features than ever before.

Cleaner Emission Diesel Engines

The B50 series diesel engines are built for greater
power with cleaner emissions. The B3350's
liquid-cooled E-TVCS (Emissions - Three
Vortex Combustion System) engine delivers
increased power and high torque for all the
tractor strength you need, while significantly
lowering emissions. The Diesel Particulate Filter
(DPF) Muffler reduces emissions to make it
compliant with the latest Tier 4 Final emission

Kubota HST Transmission
Clutch-less for easy operation, our proven 3-range transmission provides optimal speeds to match your job. Choose Low range when you need extra power at low speed. Mid range for normal operations and High range for transporting place to place. In addition, the brake pedal is positioned on the left side.

3-Point Hitch

The capable PTO horsepower and a Powerful Category I 3-point hitch ensures easy attaching and detaching of implements, such as a rotary cutter, box blade and finishing mower. The intuitive clutch-less PTO engagement simplifies operation.
*Shown with optional telescopic lowerlink ends, stabilizer, ratchet-type lift rod.

Hydraulic Power Steering
The power steering is hydraulically controlled for comfortable and nimble handling to reduce fatigue during prolonged operation.
*B3350HSD model pictured

One Piece Metal Hood
The front grill and newly designed headlamps are now integrated with the hood for easier opening and closing and more convenient access to the engine.
*B3350HSD model pictured

Optional BH77 Backhoe with Reversible Seat
*B3350HSD model pictured

Optional Large Industrial Tires (Front: 25 x 8.5-14 Rear: 15-19.5

Cup Holder
Convenient cup holder to store beverages.
*B3350HSD model pictured
12V Outlet and Compartment

Convenient to charge electronic accessories.

Tool Box

Convenient to store tools, pins or personal items.

Front Loader
The LA534A front loader offers a large lifting capacity, perfect for landscaping or light utility work. The curved boom matches the new hood design for a sleek and modern appearance and offers a better field of vision during front loader operations.

Integrated Loader Valve and Joystick

Loader operations are more convenient with the 4-position valve and control lever. This fully integrated ergonomically positioned valve lets you attach the front-loader and other-front implements quickly and easily.
*B3350HSD model pictured.

New Rod Indicator
The new standard-equipped rod indicator helps the operator easily keep the loader bucket at a level position regardless of the boom height to keep sand, dirt and gravel from spilling when transporting from one location to the next.

2-Lever Quick Coupler (optional)
Kubota's quick coupler features two levers to make attach/detach of front attachments quicker and easier.

Third Function Valve (optional)
The optional 3rd function valve broadens the scope of the front loader operation by enabling use of a grapple bucket and other hydraulically controlled attachments. The 3rd function valve can be activated with buttons located on the grip of the joystick.

Hydraulic Spill-Guard (optional)

The spill-guard tilts the bucket forward as the loader is raised reducing spillage to make filling and dumping easier.

Standard Bucket 54"

Two options available: 54" Pin-On Bucket - pins directly onto the loader. 54" 2-Lever Quick Coupler Bucket, 2-Lever Quick Coupler is required to attach to the loader.

Light Material Bucket 60"

Two options available: 60" Pin-On Bucket - pins directly onto the loader. 60" 2-Lever Quick Coupler Bucket, 2-Lever Quick Coupler is required to attach to the loader.

Mechanical Snow Blade 60" & 72"

Available as 2-Lever Quick Coupler Blades. Mount directly to the loader with the 2-Lever Quick Coupler.

Hydraulic Snow Blade 60" & 72"

Available as 2-Lever Quick Coupler Blades. Mount directly to the loader with the 2-Lever Quick Coupler.


The BH77 Backhoe is performance matched with the B50 tractors to deliver more power and greater digging capacity. Additionally, the BH77 backhoe features a curved boom, protected hoses, quick attach/detach mounting system, and optional 6-position mechanical thumb.

Reversible Seat

When its time to switch from loading to back-hoe, simply lift the reversible seat and swivel it to face backhoe controls. The seat also can be adjusted forward and back for optimum operator comfort.
*B3350HSD model pictured.

4-Point Quick-Attach System

With its four connecting points and pin-and-hook type quick-attach system, the backhoe can be attached in minutes without tools.

Front Mounted Blade
  • 60" and 72" front blade.
  • Front implement system which utilizes a single quick hitch and subframe.
  • Front Blade is a heavy duty blade designed for commercial use.
  • Hydraulic power angle is standard on both blades.
  • HD double bevel cutting edge.
  • Replaceable skid shoes.
  • Trip spring lockout design.
  • Optional rubber cutting edge.

Rear Mounted Snow Blower

  • 51" or 64" Cutting Width 2-stage Snow Blower.
  • Replaceable Cutting Edge.
  • Optional Manual or Hydraulic Chute Rotation Kits Available.
  •  Optional drift cutter extensions (increase cutting width by 5").

Ballast Box

  • Mounted on the three point hitch with sand or gravel to counter balance the tractor when operating with a front implement.
  • Holds a maximum of 400lbs. (182kg) of dry sand.
  • The total weight of the ballast box with sand is 500 lbs. (227kg).
  • The maximum weight allowed on the three point hitch of a B-Series tractor is 500 lbs. (227 kg).
  • Ballast is required in loader applications.