• Zero Tail Swing
  • Auto Idle
  • Angle Blade
  • 6in1 BLADE
  • 6in1 BLADE


Superior width and tilt angle

This 5’ 10.9”-wide blade stretches across the entire machine width, even when tilted. It can be tilted a generous 10 degrees right or left, allowing the operator to dig ditches easily when tilted on a flat surface.

Bolt-On cutting Edge (BOE)

The cutting edge protects the blade during heavy-duty dozing operations. The reversible cutting edge is divided into two sections to easily invert the edge for continued use.

Tie-down/lift points

The dozer blade’s thick side plates improve the tie-down point’s durability. Use them also as lifting points, along with the lifting point on top of the boom, for convenient 3-point crane lifting of the KX040-4.

Float position

Ground finishing work can be completed quickly and simply without the need to adjust the dozer height. After backfilling, simply travel backwards along the covered ditch with the dozer in the float position.

Kubota's hydraulic 6-in-1 Blade can be angled right and left, and now, tilted as well. This blade enables six different positions: neutral, float-up, left-end-up, right-end-up, left-end-forward and right-end-forward. This feature makes leveling and backfilling work incredibly easy, even on inclines and uneven terrain, making you more productive and more efficient.

Tilt Blade Control

Tilt Blade ControlHydraulic 6-in-1 BladeThe 6-in-1 blade is a true productivity enhancer, and operation is now even more rewarding. Blade up, down, and float functions are the same as the previous model. Operate the rocker switch on top of the blade control to tilt the blade 10° up or down, and simply twist the control handle to angle the blade 25° left or right. Command all six functions simultaneously for more convenient control of landscaping, shaping, and backfilling jobs.

 Hydraulic 6-in-1 Blade download(pdf/2.3MB)