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Thoroughness in Compliance

Ensuring thorough compliance is the very basic requisite for corporate activities and one of the priority management goals of the Kubota Group. At Kubota, we established an organization responsible for compliance promotion-the CSR Planning & Coordination Headquarters-and assigned an executive officer in charge of these headquarters.
We also set up the "Anti-Monopoly Act Compliance Committee," to ensure that Kubota employees are in fuller compliance with the Anti-Monopoly Act, and introduced educational and auditing systems tailored to the needs of respective division.
In addition, various activities to reduce compliance-related risks are implemented by the relevant committees, departments in charge of risk management, and compliance personnel from respective divisions and affiliates, including providing internal training and educational sessions, inviting external experts to offer guidance, planning company events, and participation in external events.
These activities are incorporated into the internal control system, and are utilized for ensuring thorough compliance by undertaking "education and enlightenment", "advance consultations by specialty divisions", and "audits".
Additionally, as a point of contact for reporting any known or suspected fraudulent, illegal, or unethical conduct within work or at the work site, "Kubota Hot Line" has been established and is in operation in the head office. This system encourages the employees to make consultations with the point of contact by direct calls, e-mails, or letters/documents in order to solve the problem. The system is being operated as one useful for early identification and control of illegal acts while the interest and privacy of the informant are fully protected. If any illegal act is confirmed based on a facts investigation, the matter will be reported to the General Manager of CSR Planning & Coordination Headquarters, and serious illegal acts, etc. will be reported to the President.

Kubota Hot Line system

Kubota Hot Line flow chart IMG

Legal Compliance Activities

Promoting activities to ensure compliance with the Anti-Monopoly Act
the Anti-Monopoly Act

The activities are implemented by considering that the important policy is to systematically incorporate and to penetrate the way of thinking and the methods for executing businesses in accordance with legal compliance into business activities.

Import and export control
Import and export control

Periodical workshops are held for the domestic Kubota Group companies on basic knowledge of import/export control, amendments to relevant laws and revised in-house procedures. Assessments are also conducted to ensure compliance of individual employees and companies.

Executing facilities inspection and drills for corresponding to environmental accidents
Executing facilities inspection and drills for corresponding to environmental accidents

We are implementing facilities inspection and the necessary maintenance works without fail, and are executing drills on a regular basis to minimize the contamination for when any environmental accident occurs.

Ensuring safe driving
Ensuring safe driving

As for the employees who need to drive vehicles as a part of their work, we provide education on safe driving at least once a year, in order to raise the awareness towards street accidents and for preventing any violation of traffic rules.

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