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Personnel Policy and Systems

1. Kubota's basic personnel policy

Construction of an energetic corporate climate that welcomes challenges and values creativity
Placement of the right person in the right place while respecting each employee's abilities and motivation

2. Personnel systems: outline

Basic concept of personnel management

Equal opportunity~The right person in the right place

Personnel systems: descriptions

  • There are three tracks for posts, Expert, General, and Technical, which differ from each other in terms of roles and duties. The employees are trained, placed, evaluated, and remunerated in one of these tracks based on its criteria.
  • The employees may change from one track to another in accordance with their abilities and motivation.

Track Expert
(managerial posts)
(clerical/specialized posts)
(technical posts)
(main duties)
Driven by a challenging spirit and drawing on advanced expertise and abundant knowledge, experience, and knowhow, those in the Expert posts are expected to demonstrate high-level performance, resolving operational problems and leading business operations. On the way to fully establishing their specialization, those in the General posts perform a broad range of tasks centering on duties for which specialization, creativity, and experience are required, striving for personal growth and contribution to business operations.

- As site leaders, those in the Technical posts supervise and instruct their subordinates and ensure the attainment of site targets.

- Mobilizing their advanced skills, knowledge, and experience, those in the Technical posts strive to improve work in general and perform advanced tasks.

Education and training

- Department and Section Managers: Management education

- Next-generation executive candidates: Screening education

Specialized purpose-specific education comprising some 140 courses from which trainees can independently choose in consideration of their contents and degrees of difficulty Graded education for technical improvement and early training of future supervisors
(Implementation with particular focus on the "five-actual" principle)

- Goal setting in an interview with a superior at the beginning of each term; interim progress evaluation in an interview; self-evaluation of the status of achievement and an interview at the end of each term

- For evaluation, superiors take into consideration the process and behavior at work, in addition to results.

Same evaluation as stated on the left in some cases
Rotation The contents of individual duties are reviewed from time to time in consideration of individual workplace and employee situations so that the employees are not left in the same post for an excessively extended period of time. -

- Five grades

- Promotion based on performance, contribution, and other factors

- Seven grades

- Promotion based on performance, contribution, and other factors (examinations are required in some cases)

- 11 grades

- Promotion based on performance, contribution, and other factors (obtainment of official technical qualifications and examinations are required in some cases)

Salary The amount of monthly salary is revised each year until the employee reaches the age 58 (56 for Expert posts); upper and lower limits are set for the monthly salary of each grade.
Bonus Determined in consideration of the Kubota Group's consolidated business performance, the employee's concerned division's business performance, and individual evaluation results Basic amount is determined in labor-management negotiations in each spring, on which individual evaluation results are reflected.
Retirement allowance Determined in a point-attributing system based on the employee's grade, number of years of employment, and individual evaluation

* Criteria on which employee treatment is determined

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