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Procurement Policy

1. Providing fair opportunities

We will provide the opportunities for competition for all of our business partners in a fair and equitable manner.

2. Economical rationality

When selecting our business partner, we make a full evaluation on the material quality, reliability, delivery timing, price, technology and development capability, proposal ability, and the business stability, etc. of that partner and then select the best business partner based on an adequate set of criteria.

3. Mutual trust

We establish relationship of trust with our business partners and also aim for mutual development.

4. Social trust

We are committed to ensure all relevant laws and regulations for when making procurement deals. We will also make sure to maintain the confidentiality of our business partners' which we have gained through our procurement deals.

5. CSR Procurement

We promote CSR procurement, while paying close attention to compliance with laws and regulations, occupational health and safety, human rights, environmental conservation, symbiosis with international and local societies, and management transparency and accountability.

<Kubota Group CSR Procurement Guidelines>
We believe that a common understanding of CSR and working cooperatively on CSR policy with our business partners is essential in responding to rising customer concern over the entire business process, from which products and services are derived, and in which the business partners play a significant role. "Kubota Group CSR Procurement Guideline" is the basis for promotion of such activities.

Conflict Minerals Policy

In Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries, anti-governmental forces repeating atrocious acts depend on tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold, and their derivatives (hereinafter referred to as "conflict minerals") produced in the region as sources of their funds. This is one of the social problems concerning human rights and environmental issues among supply chains.
We, at Kubota Group, viewing this problem as a part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues, promote prohibition of use of the conflict minerals used by the anti-social militant forces as their financial sources; and if any uses of these minerals are detected, we will promptly take proper actions toward discontinuation of the uses.
We request each of our business partners to understand our policy in this matter, and to cooperate, as an important member of our supply chain, in surveys and audits to be conducted by our Group companies.

6. Green procurement

We are committed to the procurement of products with a reduced environmental impact from business partners that engage in environmental activities, as part of our commitment to providing society with products that are friendly to global and local environments.

<Kubota Group Green Procurement Guidelines>
To ensure that green procurement activities are carried out, the Kubota Group will explain its green procurement policy through the Kubota Group Green Procurement Guidelines and conduct an investigation of suppliers' environmental protection activities and negative environmental impact substances contained in procured products as appropriate. Green procurement cannot be achieved without cooperation of business partners. The Kubota Group appreciates its business partners' understanding of its policy, and their support and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

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