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Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance in Design and Development

Kubota endeavors to prevent quality problems, and a representative activity in this effort is the initiative to strengthen design reviews. Incorporating the DRBFM*1 approach, we discuss, test and verify even the smallest incidental change when developing new products, in order to prevent quality problems from arising therefrom.

  • 1 DRBFM is the abbreviation for “Design Review Based on Failure Mode,” a method of preventive action of potential problems from arising by focusing on incidental changes in design and development.

A design review
A design review

Quality Audits, Quality Compliance Audits, and Audits at Short Notice

The Kubota Group periodically conducts quality audits for the purpose of providing its customers with even better products and services, thereby ensuring the continuous improvement of its quality management system. Since FY2018, Kubota has been implementing quality compliance audits to verify that company products and services conform with laws and regulations, legal standards and the conditions set forth in contracts with Kubota’s clients. Moreover, audits at short notice are conducted whenever it is evaluated necessary under the internal control system.

Raising Awareness of Safety, Environment, and Quality

In November 2018, Kubota held the Safety, Environment and Quality Forum, attended by approximately 390 people, mainly management executives.
Mr. Noboru Furusawa, formerly of Toyota Motor Corporation and representing the organization Supporting Safety and Developing Human Resources, lectured on the theme, “Safety, environment, and quality are the basis of corporate activity: That’s what management is all about.”
Mixing specific examples drawn from his initiatives at Toyota Motor Corporation and his experience in providing guidance at Kubota, Mr. Furusawa emphasized the importance of people who continually work towards improvement, and of workplace formation.

Safety, Environment and Quality Forum (November 20, 2018)

Recent recall status (as of December 18, 2018)

  • · Recall of M108W tractors: Total 779 units (began January 9, 2018)
  • · Recall of ER combine harvesters: Total 659 units (began March 20, 2018)
  • · Recall of M7 series tractors: Total 179 units (began October 5, 2018)
  • · Recall of M7 series tractors: Total 353 units (began October 5, 2018)
  • · Recall of SL series tractors: Total 104 units (began December 6, 2018)

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to our users.

QC Circle Activity

Starting in FY2017, eligibility for awards has been expanded to include both domestic and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates. For the QC Circle activities Presentation Competition held this fiscal year, 18 circles selected from 674 Kubota circles (domestic and overseas) participated.
Circles producing outstanding results participated in the QC Circle National Competition.

QC Circle activities Presentation Competition (November 2, 2018)

ISO 9001 Certification Status

Kubota [Farm and Industrial Machinery Consolidated Division]

Business divisions/Offices Certification scope (excerpt) Date of
Farm and Industrial Machinery
Consolidated Division and
Procurement Headquarters,
Quality Assurance
(Departments affiliated with
the Farm and Industrial
Machinery Consolidated
Head Office
Sakai Plant
Sakai Rinkai Plant
Okajima Business Center
Tsukuba Plant
Utsunomiya Plant
Hirakata Plant
Kyuhoji Business Center
Agricultural machinery, construction machinery,
engines and related equipment for all the above
1994.06 LRQA*1
Farm Machinery Products and
Post-Harvest Division
(Precision Equipment
Business Unit)
Kyuhoji Business Center Scales, load cells 1994.08 DNV*2
  • 1 LRQA: Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd.

Kubota [Water and Environment and Infrastructure Consolidated Division]

Business divisions Main offices Certification scope (excerpt) Date of
Pipe Systems and
Infrastructure Division
Hanshin Plant
Keiyo Plant
Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories, other ductile
iron products and related products
1999.01 JCQA*1
Hirakata Plant Pumps, pump stations, sewage treatment and water
purification plants, valves and gates
1997.10 LRQA
Ichikawa Plant Spiral welded steel pipes 1998.07 JICQA*2
Environmental Solutions
Tokyo Head Office
Hanshin Office
Sewage and sludge treatment, water purification
and wastewater treatment
2014.07 Intertek*3
Shiga Plant Plastic water purification tanks 2003.04 JUSE*4
  • 1 JCQA: Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd.
  • 2 JICQA: JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.
  • 3 Intertek: Intertek Certification Ltd.
  • 4 JUSE: Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers

Affiliates in Japan

Affiliates in Japan Certification scope (excerpt) Date of
Kubota Seiki Co., Ltd.
  • Design, develop and manufacture of hydraulic valves and hydraulic cylinders for agricultural and construction machinery
  • Manufacture of transmissions and hydraulic pumps for off-road vehicles and agricultural machinery, and hydraulic motors for construction machinery
2007.04 LRQA
Kubota ChemiX Co., Ltd.
  • Design, develop and manufacture of plastic pipes, joints and accessories
1998.04 JUSE
Nippon Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Design, develop and manufacture of hard vinyl pipes and secondary processed products
  • Design, develop and manufacture of polyethylene and other plastic pipes
  • Design, develop and manufacture of polystyrene/polyethylene and other plastic sheets/plates
1998.12 JSA*1
Kubota Pipe Tech Co.
  • Construction and construction management of various pipelines
  • Investigation and diagnosis of pipelines and attached facilities
  • Installation training for fittings and pipe laying
  • Pipe-laying equipment rental
2002.03 JCQA
Kansouken Inc.
  • Design and develop package software for supporting water-supply business
  • Support operation of package software for supporting water-supply business and provide data-input service
  • Provide survey and consulting services for water network
2004.04 JCQA
Kubota Environmental Service Co., Ltd.
  • Design, construction, maintenance and servicing of plant facilities for water supply, sewer drainage, solid waste processing, excreta disposal and garbage
2000.02 MSA*2
Kubota Kasui Corporation
  • Design and construction of environmental conservation plants
2000.01 BCJ-SAR*3
Kubota Air Conditioner, Ltd.
  • Design, develop, manufacture and ancillary services for large-scale air-conditioning equipment
2000.02 JQA*4
Kubota Systems Inc.
  • Consigned development of software products and software packaging, design, develop and construct network structures, and maintenance services
  • ·Information system operation, and operation and maintenance of networks
  • Sales of purchased products
1997.05 BSI-J*5
Heiwa Kanzai Co., Ltd.
  • Design, develop and supply of cleaning services for buildings and facilities
2002.07 JICQA
Kubota Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Design and construct civil engineering structures and buildings
2011.12 JQA
  • 1 JSA: Japanese Standards Association
  • 2 MSA: Management System Assessment Center Co., Ltd.
  • 3 BCJ-SAR: The Building Center of Japan
  • 4 JQA: Japan Quality Assurance Organization
  • 5 BSI-J: BSI Group Japan K.K.

Overseas Group companies

Affiliates Certification scope (excerpt) Date of
Kubota Manufacturing
of America Corporation
  • The manufacture and distribution of farm implements, lawn tractors, sub-compact and RTVs.
1999.12 DEKRA
Kubota Industrial
Equipment Corporation
  • The manufacture and distribution of farm implements and assembly of tractors.
2005.12 DEKRA
Kubota Materials
Canada Corporation
  • Design, development and manufacture of cast steel including stainless, heat resistant and corrosion resistant alloys, in the production of steel castings and fabricated assemblies, as well as the manufacture of non-metallic mineral products (titanic oxide compounds).
2016.12 SGS North
Kubota Europe S.A.S.
  • Tractor reassembly: Local market application
2002.03 Apave
Kubota Farm Machinery
Europe S.A.S
  • Production and shipping of agricultural tractors, technical assistance
    and spare parts.
2017.02 BUREAU
Kubota (Deutschland)
  • Sales and customization of tractors, machines for ground care,
    attachments, spareparts, engines, engine-accessories, service and
    customer support.
2018.09 EQ ZERT
Kubota Baumaschinen
  • Development, distribution, procurement, manufacturing and service of
    construction machines.
2016.02 PÜG mbH
KUBOTA (U.K.) Ltd.
  • The provision of groundcare, agricultural and construction machinery
    through an international dealership network.
(Date of renewal)
Kverneland AS
(Some bases have been
  • Development, production and sales of farm implements for soil cultivation.
1993.11v DNV GL
KUBOTA Turkey Makine
Ticaret Limited Sirketi
  • Perform the quality management system.
2017.01 ASB*2
Kubota Agricultural
Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • Design & manufacturing of harvester, transplanter; manufacturing
    of tractor.
2011.06 CAM
Kubota Construction
Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
  • Production of hydraulic crawler excavators
    (operating weight less than or equal to Kx183 type)
2014.12 CQC*3
Kubota Engine (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacture of water-cooled multi-cylinder diesel engines used in
    industrial machinery and agricultural machinery
2014.11 SGS United
Kubota Sanlian Pump
(Anhui) Co., Ltd.
  • Design and manufacture of clean water pump, sewage pump, axial flow
    pump, mixed flow pump.
2016.05 CCS*4
Corporation Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacturing of farm tractor with and without wheel and tire including
    transmission and front axel, agricultural machinery (combine harvester),
    implement (rotary tillers, slasher).
2014.02 LRQA
Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacture of casting iron parts
2012.01 MASCI*5
(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacture of diesel engine.
2013.01 LRQA
KUBOTA Precision
Machinery (Thailand)
Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacture of transmission assembly and linkage hitch hydraulic
    cylinders for agricultural tractors.
2015.07 LRQA
P.T. Kubota Indonesia
  • Manufacture of internal combustion engines.
1998.01 LRQA
Kubota Saudi Arabia
Company, LLC
  • Production of cracking coils for petrochemical companies, reformer
    tube for refinery and fertilizer companies.
    Valve maintenance for industries.
  • 1 CQS: Certified Quality Systems
  • 2 ASB: ASB International Certification Surveillance, Auditing and Training Services
  • 3 CQC: China Quality Certification Centre
  • 4 CCS: China Classification Society
  • 5 MASCI: Management System Certification Institute (Thailand)

Announcement on the Inappropriate Action Relating to a Record of Inspection Results (Actions to Prevent Recurrence)

We sincerely apologize again for causing concern and inconvenience to all our customers and parties concerned regarding “Kubota Corporation’s Statement on its Rolling Mill Roll Inspection Process” announced on September 12, 2018.
Regarding the inappropriate action, a thorough investigation has been conducted by an external law firm, and the report of the investigation has been accepted. Kubota has given serious consideration to the investigation results, and published the Report Regarding Inappropriate Conduct Relating to Inspection Report on November 29, 2018 and is implementing in sequence the measures to prevent recurrence described in the report.
Hereafter, Kubota Group will implement the recurrence prevention measures and strive fully to recover the trust of our customers and parties concerned as we work to make sure this type of misconduct never occurs again.

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