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Past External Rating and Awards

Receiving Environmental Awards in 2017

Kubota Environmental Engineering Department receives the Environmental Technology and Project Award

 In December 2017, the 54th Environmental Engineering Forum sponsored by the Environmental Engineering Committee, Japan Society of Civil Engineering was held, and General Manager Nakagawa, Mr. Shinya Nagae and Mr. Soichiro Yatsugi of the Environmental Engineering Department (former Water Treatment System Engineering Department) received the Environmental Technology and Project ward for their presentation on Total Renovation of the Sewage Treatment Plant using MBR. This award is presented to commend excellent technology from among the technologies presented at the Environmental Engineering Forum.
 Based on the findings obtained through the project of the Sampo Wastewater Treatment Plant, the first large-scale MBR (membrane bioreactor) in Japan, and the subsequent project of the Semboku Water Recycling Center, the award-winning presentation proposed useful measures to solve future problems with sewage systems, which was appreciated. Encouraged by the award which rewarded the continued efforts made by the employees involved in the projects over a long period, we will strive to further expand its MBR business.

 Award winner Mr. Soichiro Yatsugi  Environment Engineering Forum award ceremony

SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. Amata Nakorn Plant receives the Green Industry Award

 The Amata Nakorn Plant of SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. (Thailand) received the Green Industry Award in 2017 from the Thai government upon being recognized as a clean plant that is environmentally conscious. Of the five levels of the award (with Level 5 being the highest), the plant was awarded Level 4 in recognition of having a well-established corporate culture that carries out environmental conservation activities.
 The Plant has actively promoted initiatives to reduce its environmental loads, such as the introduction of a solar power generation system and LEDs to reduce energy consumption, and the development of electric coagulation treatment technology for used coolant in cooperation with research institutions to reduce waste.
 Level 4 of this award was also granted to SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. (headquarter), and Level 3 to SIAM KUBOTA Metal Technology Co., Ltd. and KUBOTA Precision Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. These sites are still recognized as Green Industry.

 Certificate of Commendation for Green Industry Award

P.T. Kubota Indonesia receives the BLUE PROPER Award

 P.T. Kubota Indonesia received the BLUE PROPER award for the seventh time from the environment minister of the Indonesian government for its corporate activities over a year from 2016 to 2017. PROPER (the Environmental Performance Rating Program) is a rating program of the Indonesian ministry of the environment, which assesses the companies’ status of compliance with the environmental regulations and the status of implementation of environmental measures, and discloses them to the public. The aim of this program is to raise companies’ awareness of environmental management, and encourage the implementation of activities for energy saving, conservation of biodiversity, and community development.
 The BLUE PROPER award is given to companies that comply with 100% of the environmental regulations and properly operate the environmental management system. P.T. Kubota Indonesia will make continuous efforts to enhance environmental management.

 Certificate of Commendation for the BLUE PROPER Award

KBS Kubota Co., Ltd. receives the Japan Logistics Press Award

 In June 2017, KBS Kubota Co., Ltd. received the Japan Logistics Press Award at the Logistics Environment Awards sponsored by the Japan Association for Logistics and Transport.
 This award is given to organizations/companies or individuals that have contributed to the development of the logistics industry in terms of the reduction of environmental loads by conducting excellent activities for environmental conservation or environmental awareness-raising, or pioneering technology development.
 The theme of the award-winning initiative by KBS Kubota Co., Ltd. is the Promotion of Container Round Use across Industries using an Inland Container Depot, and the Establishment of a Next-Generation Logistics Model. This initiative enables the shared use of marine containers that become empty on either the outward or the inward trip of truck transportation across industries, and shuttle transportation via a temporary storage site for empty containers called ICD. This contributes to the substantial reduction of environmental loads and CO2 emissions through the establishment of an efficient transportation system, which is associated with ease of congestion in the harbor area, as well as the stable supply of containers. These points were appreciated. We will continue to work on reducing environmental load through its efforts to improve the efficiency of logistics.

 “Logistics Environment Award” ceremony  Certificate of Commendation for the Japan Logistics Press Award

Kubota Environmental Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. granted the title of a Brand Company Helping to Improve the Chinese Rural Environment

 In December 2016, the 2016 Forum for the Development of Moderately Prosperous and Beautiful Villages in All Aspects sponsored by the China Internet News Center was held in Beijing, where Kubota Environmental Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (KEES) was granted the title of a brand company helping to improve the Chinese rural environment. The China Internet News Center is an online news site managed and operated by the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, an organ under the direct control of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.
 In the Forum, which upheld the theme of “building beautiful villages, developing a green economy and realizing the dream of a moderately prosperous China,” Chinese government leaders, experts, representatives of excellent districts around the country and managers participated. The participants discussed and exchanged opinions on various themes, including problems relating to the construction of beautiful villages, the improvement of urban and rural environments, the economic development of rural villages, the Internet and agriculture, and the development of agriculture. After strict examination by experts, six companies including KEES were designated as brand companies helping to improve the Chinese rural environment, for having achieved results satisfying the theme of the Forum.
 At the 10th Chinese Environmental Industry Conference held in Beijing in June 2017, KEES also received the Green Award, and was recognized as a model company for water treatment facilities and comprehensive services. This award is given to innovative excellent companies in the environment field by an evaluation committee composed of academic organizations, researchers, and specialized media.

 “The brand company helping to improve the Chinese rural environment” award ceremony  Certificate of Commendation for the Green award

Kubota Head Office receives the Kansai Eco-Office Encouragement Award and acquires Certification of an Excellent Waste-reduction Building

 In March 2017, Kubota Head Office received the Kansai Eco-Office Encouragement Award at the Kansai Eco-Office Awards 2016 sponsored by the Union of Kansai Governments.
 The Kansai Eco-Office Awards program selects from among the business sites engaged in environment-conscious activities such as energy saving, business sites conducting particularly excellent initiatives, with the aim of widely promoting the Kansai Eco-Office campaign.
 Kubota Head Office’s initiative of “promoting the reuse of office supplies,” which involves setting up a corner to gather stationery that is no longer used and thereby achieving reuse across departments, was highly regarded from the perspective of the spillover effects on other offices and continuity, resulting in the winning of the award.
 Also in 2017, Kubota Head Office (2nd Building, 2nd Annex Building) received the excellent waste-reducing building certification from Osaka City for its ongoing efforts in promoting waste reduction and implementing proper disposal. We will continue promoting the reuse of office supplies and conducting environment-conscious activities, such as energy saving, water saving, waste separation and recycling, and greening, while launching new eco-office activities.

 Certificate of commendation for Kansai Eco-Office Encouragement Award

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