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Conserving Biodiversity

 Our corporate activities rely on various ecosystem services, which are provided by natural capital comprising soil, air, water, animals and pplants, and other elements. Meanwhile, biodiversity is facing various crises in areas around the world, and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets adopted in the SDGs (goals 14 and 15) and the CDB-COP10 (Tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity), require business operators to protect biodiversity and make sustainable use of ecosystem services.
 The Kubota Group sees conserving biodiversity as one of its materiality. In its corporate activities, provision of products and services, and social contribution initiatives, in view of its impact on natural capital, the Group is endeavoring to ensure that care is taken to conserve biodiversity and protect the natural environment.

Activities towards achieving SDGs

Related SDGs and targets
Major Activity Content
  • Promotion of activities to preserve biodiversity
    - Reintroduction of young fish into bodies of water, volunteer activities for coral restoration, tree planting activities, protection of wild birds and animals
    - Greening and beautification activities on business office premises or in surrounding areas
    - Social contribution activities (KUBOTA e-Project)
  • Conservation of the natural environment through appropriate management and reduction of wastewater, emission gases, and waste materials, etc.
Activity Targets (KPIs)

  Eco-First Commitment

  • Based on our activity guideline on the conservation of biodiversity, the Kubota Group will appropriately manage environmental impacts and risks accompanying business activities. Also, we will promote the protection of natural environment by greening our establishments and creating biotopes.
  • The Kubota Group will promote the protection of natural environment through our activities to help restore abandoned farmland and conserve rural natural areas and forests, in the framework of our social contribution activity “the Kubota e-Project.”

Approach to Conserving Biodiversity

 The Kubota Group has set Conserving Biodiversity as one of its five basic items for environmental conservation. In December 2009, we incorporated corporate activities that consider biodiversity into the Kubota Group Environmental Action Guidelines. Then, in our ECO FIRST Commitment submitted to the Japanese Minister of the Environment in 2010, we also included a commitment to promoting activities for conserving biodiversity.

Approach to Conserving Biodiversity
 The Kubota Group has included Conserving Biodiversity as one of its five basic items for environmental conservation. In its corporate activities, provision of products and services, and social contribution initiatives, in view of its impact on natural capital, the Group will endeavor to ensure that care is taken to conserve biodiversity and protect the natural environment.
[Major Initiatives]
1.Corporate activities
1) At the design and development stage, we conduct product environmental assessments to evaluate the impact on natural capital.
2) At the procurement stage, we present our Green Procurement Guidelines to our suppliers and require them to give consideration for biodiversity.
3) At the production and logistics stages, we strive to reduce the environmental loads and environmental risks associated with operations at our sites and transport of materials.
4) As part of our environmental management, we conduct environmental education and awareness-raising for employees to foster their recognition of the value of biodiversity and the importance of conservation activities.
5) Our environmental communication initiatives include efforts to disseminate information about our biodiversity conservation activities.
2.Provision of products and services
1) By providing products and services with less environmental loads through fuel efficiency and exhaust gas purification, for example, we are striving to lessen our impact on biodiversity.
2) By providing water environment solutions such as wastewater treatment and waste treatment, we contribute to improving the ecosystems and nurturing environment for plants and animals.
3) By providing products and services that contribute to urban infrastructure development that considers smart agriculture and the environment, we contribute to sustainable use of ecosystem services.
3.Social contribution activities
1) Through our social contribution activity the Kubota e-Project supporting reclamation of abandoned farmland and conservation activities in rural and forest areas, we are promoting protection of the natural environment.
2) We are promoting the beautification and greening of business sites and neighborhoods as well as protection of plants and animals.

Relationship with Biodiversity

Biodiversity Protection Activity Case Study

1. Supporting Verification Projects Using a Farming Tractor to Develop Rural Natural Areas and Forests

 Wild bamboo groves are spreading, mainly in rural areas in western Japan due to an increase in abandoned farmland and reduction of use and utilization of the undeveloped woodlands near human habitats. Wild bamboo groves not only prevent effective use of land, they become homes to wild birds and animals such as wild boars, raising the risk of damage such as fields being trampled, and seeds or crops being eaten.
 The Kubota Group donated a farming tractor to the Gifu Prefectural Consortium for Forest Technology Development and Promotion in 2018 to support the consortium’s “Using a Farming Tractor in the Forestry Sector Verification Project.” The consortium lent the donated tractor to Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture, which is using it to verify the effectiveness of carrying bamboo and woods from a project site to develop rural natural areas and forests.
 Three reviews were held during 2018 and the tractor was found to have a certain level of effectiveness in carrying bamboo out of areas where the land formation made use of conventional heavy machinery for forestry difficult. Meanwhile, challenges were made clear, such as drivability within the forest work sites and the efficiency of carrying the woods.
 Expectations are that this project will promote community participation development of rural natural areas and forests using farming tractors.

[Case study verifying tractor use]
Clearing bamboo on a slope   Carrying trees in a confined grove

Initiatives Taken at Business Sites

1. Kverneland Group Soest Sets Up Insect Hotel on Plant Site

 Kverneland Group Soest GmbH (Germany) has planted flowers and installed an insect hotel on the grounds of its plant.
 The Soest plant conducts numerous awareness-raising events during Environment Month in June every year, including planting vegetation and urging employees to ride a bicycle to work. After learning of a report that the number of insects and bees had declined in recent years due to climate change, the plant turned its focus onto activities for preserving ecosystems in 2018. Employees planted wildflowers growing in the surrounding area on the grounds of the plant and set up an insect hotel where bugs or bees could live, using waste materials such as wood, pine cones and bamboo. With the onset of spring, insects will become more active, so employees are eager to see the bugs use the insect hotel.
 The Soest plant will continue endeavoring to raise employee awareness of environmental preservation through activities undertaken during Environment Month.

The insect hotel set up on the grounds of the plant  

2. Kverneland Group Manufacturing Lipetsk Conducts Cleaning and Tree-Planting in Green Tract Park

 Kverneland Group Manufacturing Lipetsk (Russia) cleaned up trash and planted trees in a green tract park located adjacent to its plant as one aspect of its Environment Month activities in June 2018. The green tract park was not being used appropriately, becoming a dumping ground for lifestyle waste such as plastic bottles, and there were fears that this may lead to an adverse impact on a pond and creatures in the area’s ecosystems.
 A team of nine, comprising employees and their family members, cleaned up the entire green tract park, concentrating on its pond and surrounding areas. Later, they planted about 20 trees in the park. Employees will continue their cleaning and watch over the growth of the saplings that were planted.
 The Lipetsk plant is also conducting other cleaning activities in the surrounding region, engaging in environmental preservation activities in close cooperation with the local community.

Conducting the cleanup

Planting trees on our premises

Tsukuba Plant ; Afforestation
We have planted various trees and made a forest in the grounds.
Kubota ENGINE AMERICA Corporation ; Afforestation
We have planted over 50 trees (apple, cherry, etc.) and added bird feeders.
Hirakata Plant ; Rooftop garden
In order to beautify the landscape, the green space has been installed in the rooftop of Training Center. It also demonstrates the effect of energy conservation in the building.
Head Office ; Rooftop garden
We have installed a green garden partially of the communications space. It provides a habitat and stopover for insects and birds in the urban area.
head office
Sakai Plant ; Wall greening
In order to beautify the landscape around the plant, we have installed green wall on the north side of the plant.
P.T. Kubota Indonesia; Afforestation
In order to contribute to the environment and beautify the corporate landscape, we have planted trees and made flower beds.
KUBOTA Precision Machinery(Thailand) Co., Ltd.; Planting trees
The employees including President planted trees on the grounds within the plant site.
Kverneland Group UK Ltd.; Planting trees
They planted fruit trees in the green space within the office site. They can spend their breaks and enjoy nature there.
Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt.Ltd.; Planting trees
The employees planted trees on the space within the plant site.

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