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Environmental Management

Based on its internal control system, the Kubota Group is establishing environmental management systems at each site and enhancing its risk management activities. In recent years, we have engaged in activities to strengthen environmental management at our overseas sites.

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

To ensure compliance with environmental laws, the Kubota Group has set and thoroughly manages its own control values at each of its sites for exhaust gas, wastewater, noise, vibration and other variables that are stricter than the relevant laws and regulations. We have established a system to promptly report any non-compliances and complaints related to environmental laws and regulations to the head office.
 Despite these efforts, however, in 2016 we had a case of exceeding of the wastewater control value and a case of inappropriate treatment of PCB-containing devices at production sites in Japan, and a case of the leakage of cooling water at a Group company in Japan. Moreover, in 2017 a case of exceeding the wastewater control value arose at a production site in Japan. None of these cases resulted in any serious incidents, and we implemented necessary measures to prevent any impact on the ambient environment and are working to prevent recurrence.

Environmental Auditing (Implementation status in RY2016)

Each year, the Kubota Environmental Protection Department conducts an environmental audit that incorporates a written audit targeting all production sites, service sites, offices, and construction and maintenance management departments domestically, as well as overseas group production sites.
 Moreover, in addition to the environmental audit by the Environmental Protection Department, annual internal environmental audits are conducted at production sites in an effort to further improve the level of environmental management.

Environmental audit at
Kubota Agricultural Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (China)

[Number of subject sites and

[Number of audit items]
 25 (for maintenance and management
 departments) up to 61
 (for overseas production sites)
[Audit details]
 ・Water and air quality management
 ・Noise and vibration management
 ・Waste discharge and
  chemical substances management
 ・Climate change prevention
 ・Response to abnormalities and emergencies
 ・Environmental management system

Environmental Risk Assessment (Implementation status in RY2016)

Each year, detailed environmental risk assessments are conducted to evaluate the use of hazardous substances and the functions of environment-related equipment with the aim of clarifying the status of environmental risk at each production site and establishing systematic improvements.
 The Kubota Group is proactively working to reveal possible environmental risks and further reduce risk by conducting environmental audits and environmental risk assessments—two activities with differing perspectives—in parallel.

Environmental Risk Assessment
at Kubota Industrial Equipment Corporation (United States)

[Number of subject sites]
 37 (27 production sites
 in Japan, 10 overseas
   production sites)
[Number of audit items]
 252 items (146 water quality,
 106 air quality)
[Assessment targets]
 Water quality-related
 air quality-related equipment

Environmental Patrols

At each site, environmental patrols are carried out to meticulously assess the entire site and confirm the absence or presence of conditions that may lead to environmental accidents or violations of environmental laws and regulations. In RY2016, Kubota formulated the Environmental Patrol Handbook, which provides the key points with which even unexperienced personnel can notice abnormality during environmental patrol, and distributed it to each site in Japan. Kubota aims to reduce the environmental risks by conducting the environmental patrol using this Handbook and finding the situation that may cause any abnormality in an early stage.

Drills for Responding to Abnormal and Emergency Situations

The Kubota Group is working to identify and minimize environmental risks associated with its business activities through risk-specific response procedures.
 We are also conducting drills each year based on response procedures that assume the outbreak of environmental accidents or situations that could arise in environmental accidents, in order to mitigate the impact on the ambient environment.

 緊急事態対応訓練  緊急事態対応訓練
 Emergency response drill simulating the leakage of paint/thinner
 Kubota Air Conditioner, Ltd.
 Emergency response drill simulating the leakage of gas
 P.T. Metec Semarang (Indonesia)

Environmental Education (Results in RY2016)

 The Kubota Group offers environmental education programs to raise awareness among its employees. The education program for employees consists of rank-based training, professional training, and general training. Kubota assists external group's environmental education programs.

Classification Course title Frequency No. of
Course descriptions
Education by
Kubota Introductory course
(new employees, etc.)
3 181 Global and local environmental issues and Kubota's environmental conservation activities
CSR training 2 101 Environmental issues and environmental risk management
Training for newly appointed
2 32

Kubota's environmental management and efforts as supervisors

Training for newly appointed
1 18

Kubota's environmental management and efforts as foremen

Environmental forum for
executive management
1 193 Lecture by Tokio Imbe, President of National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Professional education Basics of environmental
1 26

Basic knowledge of legal systems, environmental risk, and environmental conservation

Waste management 2 37

Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law, practical training in consignment contracts and manifests, etc.

Environment-related facility
2 27

Pollution control technologies and pollution control laws

Education to train ISO 14001
environmental auditors
4 62 The ISO 14001 standard, environment-related laws, audit techniques
New waste management
system training
13 148 Training on waste electronic information management systems
General training Business sites in Japan and
overseas  Environmental education
7 190

The Kubota Group's environmental management and medium-term environmental conservation targets

Total 38 1015  
Supporting education in outside organizations Internship program with Utsunomiya Hakuyo High School
1 5 Kubota environmental conservation
activities and efforts at Utsunomiya

 Environmental management education
 (Participants: environmental staff of each Chinese site)
 Environmental forum for executive management
 (Lecturer: Mr. Tokio Imbe)

Environmental Achievement Awards

During the Environment Month in June every year, the Kubota Group presents the Environmental Achievement Awards to praise the individuals and groups that have made notable contributions to environmental conservation, as well as to boost the Group's employees' environmental conservation awareness and activate their environmental activities.
 In RY2016, the scope of the awards was expanded to include non-production sites and product development departments in addition to production sites, and various environmental conservation activities including education and enlightenment, and social contribution, were evaluated. As a result, 24 cases were awarded for their achievements in energy saving, waste reduction, VOC emissions reduction, development of environment-friendly products, environmental awareness raising, community environmental activities, etc. Two of them were awarded as Excellent Prize.
 We will continue to award the excellent initiatives that contribute to the environmental conservation, and encourage sharing of the details of such initiatives within the Group, with the aim of further activating the environmental activities.

Environmental Achievement Award Excellent Prize in RY2016
Scope Company, department Theme
Production sites SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd.
Amata Nakorn Plant (Thailand)
Reduction of the consumption of natural gas by boilers through research and development of pre-paint treatment solution available at room temperature
Non-production sites KBS Kubota Co., Ltd.
Kubota Machine Logistics Solution Department
CO2 reduction by round use of east and west containers
Environmental Achievement Awards in RY2016
Scope Classification, No. of winners
Production sites Excellent Prize: 1, Encouragement Award: 10, Good Effort Award: 5
Non-production sites Excellent Prize: 1
Product development Encouragement Award: 5
Education and enlightenment Education and Enlightenment Award: 1
Social contribution Social Contribution Award: 1

Receiving Environmental Awards

Kubota Environmental Service Co., Ltd. receives the Minister of Environment Award for Contributor in the Research and Development on Waste and Wastewater Treatment Tank

In October 2016, at the 60th National Convention for Environmental Sanitation sponsored by the Japan Environmental Sanitation Center, Mr. Mitsuru Iwao of the Sales Department, Kubota Environmental Service Co., Ltd. received the Minister of Environment Award for Contributor in the Research and Development on Waste and Wastewater Treatment Tank.
 This award is granted to individuals and organizations that have made excellent achievement in research and development in the field of waste and wastewater treatment tank. Mr. Iwao has made substantial contribution to the dissemination of the sludge treatment centers through his long years of research on themes related to wastewater treatment, such as high-load method, methane fermentation, and phosphorous recovery. This contribution was highly appreciated and resulted in the award.

受賞した岩尾 充氏 「第60回生活と環境全国大会」表彰式
Award winner Mr. Mitsuru Iwao The 60th National Convention for Environmental Sanitation award ceremony

The high-efficient twin screw press dehydrator receives METI Minister’s Award at Outstanding Environmental Systems Awards

The high-efficient twin screw press dehydrator for water and wastewater treatment developed by Kubota’s Water Engineering & Solution Business Unit received the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister’s Award, the highest place, at the 42nd Outstanding Environmental Systems Awards held by the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufactures (JSIM) in June 2016. The high-efficient twin screw press dehydrator is a system to dehydrate sludge generated from sewage treatment plants, etc. and reduce its volume.
 The purpose of this awarding program is to promote research and development of environmental conservation technologies, and dissemination of outstanding environmental systems. The eligible systems are those contributing to conservation of the global environment, being sold for ten or less years and operating in practice for at least six months.
 The high-efficient twin screw press dehydrator system was awarded for its uniqueness in that the screw axis increased from single to twin, the dehydration performance improved from conventional machines, economic performance realizing reduction of running cost, and future potential ensuring applicability not only in Japan but also to overseas.

 METI Minister’s Award at Outstanding Environmental
 Systems Awards Certificate of Commendatio
 High-efficient twin screw press dehydrator

Kubota Agricultural Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. receives the Environmental Management Outstanding Company Award

In June 2016, Kubota Agricultural Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (China) received the Environmental Management Outstanding Company Award from the Suzhou Industrial Park National Land Environment Protection Bureau.
 This awarding program evaluates the operation of the environmental management systems of the companies in the Suzhou Industrial Park, introduction of advanced environmental facilities, and the improvement activities to improve environmental performance. Its aim is to reduce the environmental risks in the Park by improving the company’s environmental awareness and the management level. Ten out of the 37 companies that had applied received the award at the environmental event held at the Yangcheng Lake on the World Environment Day of June 5.
 Kubota Agricultural Machinery (Suzhou) will continuously promote environmental conservation activities by steadily operating the environmental management.

 Environmental Management Outstanding Company Award ceremony

Kubota Construction Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. receives the Eco Civilization Public Interest Award

In June 2016, Kubota Construction Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (China) received the Eco (ecosystem) Civilization Public Interest Award 2016 from Wuxi New District Environmental Protection Agency, China.
 This awarding program, aimed at improving the social responsibility awareness regarding the environment of the companies belonging to the New District, evaluates the initiatives for the environmental conservation and the activities of environmental education for employees. In RY2016, ten companies out of over 1000 companies were awarded. The award-winning companies are expected to fulfill their social responsibilities related to the environment, raise the environmental awareness of employees by enhancing the environmental education, and actively participate in social contribution activities, with the aim of building an ecological civilization in the New District.
 We will continue to make efforts to ensure compliance with the environmental laws and regulations, and improve the environmental awareness of employees.

 Certificate of Commendation for the RY2016 Eco Civilization Public Interest Award

Kubota Engine (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. certified as a water conservation model company

In February 2016, Kubota Engine (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (China) was certified as a “water conservation model company 2015” by the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Water, China. This system certifies companies, offices, local communities, schools, etc. that have been recognized for their initiatives for saving water or tackling pollution, as models for building a water-saving society in China, and offers subsidiaries to them. On-site inspections, interviews with employees, and documentary examinations have found that Kubota Engine (Wuxi) is actively and systematically promote activities focusing on water conservation, that the water conservation effect of the introduction of a wastewater treatment and recycling system is obvious, and that these are advanced initiatives. This resulted in the certification.
 Kubota Engine (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. will make continuous efforts to reduce the water use and discharge, and other actions to reduce environmental load.

 Notice of certification of a water conservation model company 2015

Kubota Construction Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. and Kubota Engine (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. rated “Green” in the FY2015 Wuxi New District Corporate Environmental Protection Reliability Evaluation System

In May 2016, Kubota Construction Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. and Kubota Engine (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. acquired the “Green,” the highest rating in the FY2015 Wuxi New District Corporate Environmental Protection Reliability Evaluation by the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Wuxi City New District. The aim of this evaluation system is to pursue sustainable development of economy and society through encouraging the companies in the Wuxi City New District to enhance environmental management, ensure thorough compliance with the environmental regulations, and raise awareness of their social responsibility. Reliability of environmental conservation of each company is rated in 5 ranks.
 The two companies will continue to be sincerely committed to environmental protection, and aim to be companies recognized by society.

P.T. Kubota Indonesia receives BLUE PROPER award

In December 2016, P.T. Kubota Indonesia received the BLUE PROPER award for the fifth time from the environment minister of the Indonesian government for its corporate activities during a year from July 2015. The PROPER (the Environmental Performance Rating Program) is a rating program of the Indonesian ministry of the environment, which assesses the companies’ status of compliance with the environmental regulations and the status of implementation of environmental measures, and discloses them to the public. The aim of this program is to raise companies’ awareness about environmental management, and encourage implementation of activities for energy saving, conservation of biodiversity, and community development.
 The BLUE PROPER award is given to companies that comply with 100% of the environmental regulations and properly operate the environmental management system. P.T. Kubota Indonesia will make continuous efforts to enhance environmental management.

 Certificate of Commendation for the BLUE PROPER award

Three Thai sites receive the Green Industry Award

SIAM KUBOTA Metal Technology Co., Ltd. (SKMT), SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. (head office, SKCN), and KUBOT Precision Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (KPMT) received the Green Industry Award in 2016 from the Thai government after being recognized as clean plants that are environmentally conscious. This award is broken down into five levels, (with Level 5 being the highest). SKMT and KPMT were rewarded Level 3 for having established a management system in which PDCA is solidly operated, while SKCN was rewarded Level 4 in recognition of having a well-established corporate culture that carries out environmental conservation activities.

「Green Industry Award」の表彰状 
   Green Industry Award Certificate of Commendation

KUBOTA REPORT 2016 (Full Report version) receives Special Award for Reliable Reporting in the 20th Environmental Communication Awards

The Kubota Group’s business and CSR report “KUBOTA REPORT 2016 (Full Report Version)” received the Special Award for Reliable Reporting (The Japanese Association of Assurance Organizations for Sustainability Information Chairman’s Award) in the environmental report category of the 20th Environmental Communication Awards.
 The Environmental Communication Awards are a commendation program for excellent environmental reporting, with the aim of promoting environmental communication between business operators and their related parties, and further activating their commitment to environmental initiatives. It was the second time, following the previous year, for Kubota to receive the Special Award for Reliable Reporting, which is presented to environmental reports that demonstrate particular efforts made to improve reliability and transparency in communication of information on the environmental initiatives. The KUBOTA REPORT 2016 was appreciated for its clearly describing how the Kubota Group is advancing its initiatives in line with the latest trends related to sustainability, with recognition of the relationships between social issues and the Group’s businesses. The Report’s clear presentation of the entire image of environmental loads and the policies for stakeholders also resulted in the awarding.
 The Kubota Group will make continuous efforts to further improve the reliability and comprehensiveness of its environmental reporting, while enhancing information communication to help stakeholders deepen understanding toward the Group.

「第20回 環境コミュニケーション大賞」 
 The 20th Environmental Communication Awards ceremony

Kubota Utsunomiya Plant awarded by the Kanto Electricity Use Rationalization Committee

The Kubota Utsunomiya Plant received the highest prize in the Kanto Electricity Use Rationalization Committee Chairman’s Awards in February 2016.
 In this awarding program, plants, offices, and individuals that have made remarkable achievements in promoting the rationalization of the use of electricity are recognized based on the comprehensive evaluation on their organizational management, electric power management, facility management, equipment efficiency, and other initiatives. By broadly presenting such achievements to society, it is aimed to raise the public awareness of the importance of the electricity use rationalization. The Utsunomiya Plant was awarded the highest prize for its full-scale introduction of amorphous transformers and the introduction of high-efficiency modular chiller to reduce CO2 by 70% generated from air-conditioners.
 These initiatives were also presented at external training seminars. The Utsunomiya Plant is also a member of the Tochigi Prefecture Electricity Use Rationalization Committee, engaging in the activities to reduce environmental load not only within the plant but broadly for the local community.

「関東地区 電気使用合理化委員長表彰 最優秀賞」の表彰状 
 Certificate of Commendation of the highest prize in the Kanto Electricity Use Rationalization Committee Awards

Status of Environmental Management System Certification Acquisition

The Kubota Group has achieved ISO 14001 certification at all of its production sites in Japan. Kubota is currently introducing activities to expand ISO 14001 certification approval at its production sites overseas; one Saudi Arabia site acquired the certification in 2016 and one French site in 2017. The certificated sites are now preparing for the transition to certification according to the standard's revision 2015.

ISO 14001 Certification

Kubota Corporation in Japan
No Name Other Organizations and Subsidiaries Included Main Business Inspecting
/Certifying Organization
Date of Certification
1 Tsukuba Plant
  • Eastern Main Parts Center
  • Eastern Technical Training Center Tsukuba Service G
  • Kanto Kubota Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Engines, tractors, etc. LRQA November 28, 1997
2 Keiyo Plant
  • Distribution Center
Ductile iron pipe, spiral welded steel pipe LRQA July 16, 1998
3 Ryugasaki Plant
  • KUBOTA Vending Service Co., Ltd. Ryugasaki Plant
  • KUBOTA Kanto Vender Center Inc. Ryugasaki Plant
Vending machines DNV November 13, 1998
4 Hanshin Plant
  • Marushima Factory
Ductile iron pipe, spiral welded steel pipe, rolling-mill roll, TXAX LRQA March 5, 1999
5 Kyuhoji Business Center
  • Kubota Environmental Service Co., Ltd.
  • KUBOTA Membrane Corp.
  • KUBOTA Keiso Corp.
Measuring instruments, measuring systems, rice-milling products, waste shredder systems, submerged membranes, and mold temperature controllers DNV March 19, 1999
6 Hirakata Plant   Valves, cast steel, new ceramic materials, and construction machinery LRQA September 17, 1999
7 Okajima Business Center   Industrial cast iron products, drainage pipes, and other cast iron products JICQA December 22, 1999
8 Sakai Plant/Sakai Rinkai Plant manufacturing department   Engines, tractors, small-size construction machinery, etc. LRQA March 10, 2000
9 Shiga Plant   FRP products JUSE May 18, 2000
10 Water Engineering & Solution Business Unit
  • Shin-yodogawa Environmental Plant Center
Sewage and sludge water purification, wastewater treatment facilities ICJ July 14, 2000
11 Pumps Business Unit
  • KUBOTA Kiko Ltd.
Sewage and water purification plants, pumps and pump stations LRQA July 14, 2000
12 Utsunomiya Plant
  • Eastern Technical Training Center
  • Utsunomiya Service G
Rice transplanters and combine harvesters LRQA December 8, 2000
Kubota Group: Companies in Japan
No Name Other Organizations and Subsidiaries Included Main Business Inspecting
/Certifying Organization
Date of Certification
1 Nippon Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Head office and plant, Mino Plant
Plastic pipes, plastic sheets, etc. JSA October 27, 2000
2 Kubota Construction Co., Ltd.   Design and construction of civil engineering structures and buildings JQA December 22, 2000
3 Kubota Environmental Service Co., Ltd.   Installation, maintenance and management of environmental systems for service water, sewage, landfill disposal, raw waste and waste plants, etc. MSA November 20, 2002
4 Kubota ChemiX Co., Ltd.
  • Tochigi Plant
Plastic pipes and couplings JUSE March 27, 2003
(integrated authentication in 2011)
  • Sakai Plant
  • Odawara Plant
  • Kyushu KUBOTA Chemical Co., Ltd.
5 KUBOTA Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.
  • Tochigi Plant
Central air conditioning systems JQA August 27, 2004
6 KUBOTA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.   Hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, transmissions, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, etc. LRQA March 17, 2007
7 KUBOTA KASUI Corporation   Design, construction and maintenance management of environmental conservation facilities BCJ February 1, 2010
8 Kansouken Inc.   Package software supporting water business JCQA April 14, 2014
Kubota Group: Overseas companies
No Name Main Business Inspecting
/Certifying Organization
Date of Certification
1 SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co.,Ltd.[Headquarters](Thailand) Small diesel engines and agricultural machinery MASCI February 28, 2003
2 P.T. Kubota Indonesia (Indonesia) Diesel engines and agricultural machinery LRQA February 10, 2006
3 Kubota Materials Canada Corporation (Canada) Cast steel products, TXAX SGS (U.S.) June 15, 2006
4 P.T. Metec Semarang (Indonesia) Vending machines TÜV March 16, 2011
5 KUBOTA Precision Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) Equipment for tractors LRQA August 5, 2015
6 Kubota Manufacturing of America Corporation (U.S.)
(including Kubota Industrial Equipment Corporation (U.S.))
Small-sized tractors, mowers, utility vehicles and tractor accessories BSI September 20, 2012
(integrated in 2015)
7 SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd.[Amata Nakorn](Thailand) Tractors and combine harvesters BV September 27, 2012
8 ATEC Instrument and Chemical Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) Chemical agents for water treatment BSI January 18, 2013
9 KUBOTA SANLIAN PUMP (ANHUI) Co., Ltd. (China) Pumps CCSCC May 29, 2013
10 Kubota Agricultural Machinery (SUZHOU) Co., Ltd. (China) Combine harvesters, rice transplanters and tractors SGS November 13, 2013
11 Kubota Construction Machinery (WUXI) Co., Ltd. Construction machinery CQC December 11, 2014
12 SIAM KUBOTA Metal Technology Co., Ltd. (Thailand) Cast iron products for engines and tractors BV December 19, 2014
13 Kubota Engine (WUXI) Co ., Ltd. (China) Diesel engines SGS March 22, 2015
14 KUBOTA Engine(Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand) Diesel engines LRQA July 3, 2015
15 Kubota Saudi Arabia Company, LLC (Saudi Arabia) Cast steel products TÜV September 30, 2016
16 Kubota Farm Machinery Europe S.A.S (France) Tractors BV (France) February 20, 2017
LRQA: Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited (U.K.)   MASCI: Management System Certification Institute (Thailand)
DNV: DNV Certification B.V.(Netherlands)   SGS(U.S.): Systems & Services Certification,a Division of SGS North America Inc.(U.S.)
JUSE: Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers ISO Center
JICQA: JIC Quality Assurance Ltd. (Japan)   TÜV: TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH(Germany)
JSA: Japanese Standards Association   SGS: SGS United Kingdom Limited(U.K.)
JQA: Japan Quality Assurance Organization   BSI: BSI Assurance UK Limited(U.K.)
MSA: Management System Assessment Center (Japan)   BV: Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS - UK Branch(U.K.)
BCJ: The Building Center of Japan   CCSCC: China Classification Society Certification Company(China)
JCQA: Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd   CQC: China Quality Certification Centre(China)
      BV(France): Bureau Veritas Certification France(France)

EMAS certification

Kubota Group: Overseas companies
No Name Main Business Inspecting/Certifying Organization Date of Certification
1 Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH (Germany) Construction machinery IHK January 3, 2013
IHK:  Industrie- und Handelskammer fur die Pfalz (Germany)

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