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KUBOTA Opens New Doors in Myanmar


Asia's last frontier – since the 2011 installation of a civil government, Myanmar is often referred to as such among foreign investors.
The country captured the international spotlight when its bid for the position of ASEAN chair was approved in 2014, a year that coincidentally marked the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Myanmar.
In fact, the two countries have long enjoyed friendly relations, in which KUBOTA has played no small role.
As the country opens up its doors wide to high economic growth,
the “second chapter” of KUBOTA's commitment to betterment of everyday life in Myanmar has begun.


Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Capital Naypyidaw
Area Approx. 680,000 km2 (approx. 1.8 times larger than Japan)
Population Approx. 51.41 million (September 2014, Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar)
Official language Burmese
Religions Buddhism (90%), Christianity, Islam, others
Major industry Agriculture
Nominal GDP Approx. US$55.3 billion (FY2012/13, IMF)
Per capita GDP US$868 (FY2012/13, IMF)
Economic growth 6.4% (FY2012/13, IMF)
Major export partners Thailand, China, India, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea
(FY2012/13, Central Statistical Organization of Myanmar)
Major export items Natural gas, beans, gems (jade), teaks/wood
Major import partners China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea
(FY2012/13, Central Statistical Organization of Myanmar)
Major import items Petroleum, machine parts, palm oil, textiles, metal/industrial products
Japan's economic
cooperation (FY2012)
  • Loan aid: JPY198.9 billion*1
  • Grant aid: JPY27.73 billion*1
  • Technical cooperation: JPY3.799 billion*2

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

  • *1.Exchange of notes basis
  • *2.JICA actual expenditures basis


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March, 2015
“KUBOTA Opens New Doors in Myammer”