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Sakai Plant

Osaka, Japan

Major R&D Areas
  • Research and development of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and engines
  • Basic and fundamental technology development of precision agriculture technology, hydraulic systems, analysis, and strength evaluation

The Sakai Plant, which started operation as a specialized factory for kerosene engine for agricultural use in 1937, has Research & Development center in addition to production facilities. Here, industrial machineries such as agricultural and construction machineries, engines are developed for both domestic and overseas. Simultaneously, research and development of basic/fundamental technologies related to product development are also keenly pursued.
In 2016, two new research buildings were built, with such facilites to reproduce weather and other environments around the world, as well as agricultural and construction machinery testing equipments. While reinforcing its core technologies, Kubota will continues its challenge in the area of new technologies to develop new products.

Behind the Scenes: Research & Development

  • At the Sakai Plant, where globally-used products are being developed, researchers discess products for various countries.

  • Moving the product into the research facility.

  • Active exchange of opinions are being held at open meeting space.

  • World's top-class small-sized engines are being made by developing many prototpyes.

  • Low temperature test of construction machinery intended for use in cold region.