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Bond and Rating information

Outstanding Bonds

There are no corporate bonds currently issued.

Credit Ratings

Rating and Investment Information, Inc. ( R & I )

Issuer Rating AA-
Long-term Issue Rating AA-
Short-term Rating a-1+

[as of January 1, 2016]


Very high creditworthiness supported by some excellent factors.
A plus(+) or minus(-) sign may be appended to the categiories from AA to CCC to indicate relative standing within each rating category. The signs may also be appended to the CC category if the Long-term Issue Rating differs from the Issuer Rating, reflecting the terms and recoverability of the obligation. The plus and minus signs are part of the rating symbols.


Certainty of the fulfillment of a short-term obligation is high.
A plus(+) sign may be appended to the a-1 category to indicate a particularly high level of the certainty. The plus sign is part of the rating symbols.

( by the definition of R & I )