Editorial note


The objective of this report is to provide our stakeholders with a report on the business and CSR activities of the Kubota Group from a global viewpoints in an easy-to-understand manner.

The Kubota Group is taking on the challenge of solving global issues through business activities, in view of the concepts of SDGs,* the goals for world sustainable development.

* For details of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), please see the United Nations Information Centre website.

Relationship between Digest Version and Full Version

Digest Version: Concise and clear report, focusing on visual presentation to make the entire picture of the Kubota Group easier to understand.

Full Version: Comprehensive report to disclose information on details of businesses and CSR activities.

Period covered by this report

From January 2017 to December 2017

Note) Some entries may be outside of the period stated above.

Boundary of the KUBOTA REPORT 2018

In principle, the entire Kubota Group is covered.

Note) Where stated, some portions cover Kubota Corporation only.

Financial Report

The Economic Report contains data on the consolidated accounting based on U.S. accounting standards of generally accepted accounting principles in the United States (U.S. GAAP).

Year ended Dec. 2017: 173 consolidated subsidiaries and 14 affiliated companies accounted for under the equity method.

Environmental Report

The Environmental Report contains the results of environmental activities carried out by Kubota Corporation as well, 173 consolidated subsidiaries and 9 affiliated companies accounted for under equity method (partial).

Social Report /others

The Social Report covers social activities carried out by Kubota Corporation and some of its affiliates.

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