Environmental Management Basic Policy

In line with its brand statement, "For Earth, For Life," while protecting the beauty of the global environment, the Kubota Group is committed to the continued support of people's affluent lifestyles. Through its business, the Group contributes to building a sustainable society.

Environmental Charter / Action Guidelines

The Kubota Group Environmental Charter

  • The Kubota Group aspires to create a society where sustainable development is possible on a global scale.
  • The Kubota Group contributes to the conservation of global and local environments through its environmentally friendly operations, products, and technologies.

The Kubota Group Environmental Action Guidelines

1. Environmental Conservation Efforts in All Business Activities

We promote environmental conservation measures in all stages of our corporate activities, including product development, production, sales, physical distribution, and service.
We also request that our suppliers understand the importance of environmental conservation efforts and cooperate in this regard.

2. Global Environmental Conservation

We promote global environmental conservation measures for stopping climate change, creating a recycling- based society, and controlling chemical substances.
We promote global environmental conservation by providing technologies and products contributing to solving environmental problems.
We strive to ensure our corporate activities are friendly to the natural environment and biodiversity.

3. Environmental Protection to Create a Symbiotic Relationship with Local Societies

We make efforts in the reduction of environmental risks and promote our business activities with proper consideration for the protection of local environments, including pollution prevention.
We actively participate in environmental beautification/education activities in local communities.

4. Our Voluntary and Organized Efforts in Environmental Conservation

By introducing the environmental management system and establishing voluntary targets and action plans, we work on our daily business operations.
We endeavor to enhance environmental awareness through active environmental education/enlightenment activities.
We actively provide stakeholders with environment-related information.
We collect stakeholders' opinions broadly through environmental communication, and reflect the findings in our environmental activities.

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Message from the Environmental Conservation Control Officer

Photo:Director and Senior Managing Executive OfficerGeneral Manager of Manufacturing Engineering Headquarters(Environmental Conservation Control Officer) Kenshiro OgawaKenshiro Ogawa
Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer
General Manager of Manufacturing Engineering Headquarters
(Environmental Conservation Control Officer)

The Kubota Group upholds the slogan "For Earth, For Life" as its mission, and contributes to the conservation of the global environment through "Made by Kubota" manufacturing activities. We promote environmental management led by members at the management level, and accelerate initiatives to reduce the environmental loads and environmental risks and enhance the lineup of environmentally-friendly products, with the aim of achieving the Long-Term Environmental Conservation Targets for 2030 and the Medium-Term Environmental Conservation Targets for 2020 formulated in the year before last.

For the realization of the Global Major Brand Kubota (GMB Kubota), the goal we announced last year, we are implementing measures to enhance our business structure, such as the shortening of lead times and reduction of stocks, with the aim of establishing a global manufacturing system based on the Kubota Production System (KPS). We adopt this concept of KPS in the environmental sphere, and will promote the complete elimination of waste and loss in the use of energy and resources and make continuous efforts for further improvement of our activities.

For environmentally-friendly products, while working to expand the sales ratio of Eco-Products, we will also enhance our products and services that contribute to the conservation of the environment and the solution of customers' problems, such as KSAS, a cloud service to help improve the efficiency of farm operations, and KSIS, an IoT solution system that will help optimize the operations of water infrastructure facilities and plant management.

The Kubota Group will continue to make united efforts to support the conservation of the global environment and promote environmental management appropriate to GMB Kubota.

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Basic Direction of Corporate Environmental Management / Key Measures

Basic Direction of Corporate Environmental Management

As stipulated in the Basic Direction of Corporate Environmental Management prepared for the Kubota Group, three initiatives have been established: “Stopping Climate Change,” “Working towards a Recycling-based Society” and “Controlling Chemical Substances.”

Figure:Basic Direction of Corporate Environmental Management

Key Measures

Aiming to achieve the Basic Direction of Corporate Environmental Management, the Kubota Group engages in environmental management with key measures focused on the two perspectives of manufacturing and products, and in accordance with the basic concept of reducing environmental load at the same time as improving management efficiency.

Figure:Key Measures

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Environmental Management Promotion System

Organization Structure

In RY2014, the Environmental Management Strategy Committee was newly established to take a more strategic and innovative approach to environmental management by management-led promotion. In addition, Environmental Manager Conferences are held for each region—Japan, China, Asia, North America and Europe—to globally advance environmental management across the Kubota Group.

Figure:Environmental Management Promotion System

Environmental Management Strategy Committee

The Environmental Management Strategy Committee is chaired by Kubota's executive vice president and is comprised of executive officers. The Committee discusses the medium- and long-term direction of the Kubota Group's environmental management, such as medium and long-term targets and key measures. It determines priority items and plans that should be carried out in order to reduce environmental impact and risk, and to enhance the lineup of environmentally-friendly products.

It also promotes management based on the plan-do-check-action (PDCA) cycle by assessing and analyzing the progress of the entire Group's environmental conservation activities and reflecting the results when formulating new plans and policies. We will continue to promote swift environmental management led by members at the management level.

Photo:Environmental Management Strategy CommitteeEnvironmental Management Strategy Committee

Environmental Manager Conferences

The Kubota Group holds Environmental Manager Conferences aimed at strengthening the environmental management system and reducing environmental load and environmental risk on a global basis.

In RY2016, the conferences were held in Japan and China. For the Japan Conference, environmental managers and staff members of 22 sites, including Group companies, gathered. At the China Conference, in addition to the environmental managers and staff members of seven companies with production sites in China, environmental managers from Japan’s mother plants also participated.

At these conferences, the policies of the Kubota Group and the results of discussions at the Environmental Management Strategy Committee were communicated. Participants presented their achievement of energy-saving measures and observed the improvement initiatives at plants. They also discussed the problems of each operation field faced by each site, as well as Group-wide problems, and examined the countermeasures to be taken. After the conference, participants gave positive feedback, such as that it was a precious opportunity to learn the initiatives of other sites and that they could deepen their understanding through exchanging opinions.

In Japan, some subcommittees were newly established under this conference, in order to have more focused discussions on issues of specific operation fields, such as waste management and reduction of environmental load, with a view to finding measures for improvement.

We will position these conferences as a function for enhancing our activities on a practical basis, raising the level of environmental conservation activities at each site, and enhancing ties within each region.

Photo:China Conference at Kubota Construction Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.China Conference at Kubota Construction Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

Photo:Japan Conference at Kubota Utsunomiya PlantJapan Conference at Kubota Utsunomiya Plant

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