Agricultural Machinery:Contributing to World Food Production

Into the large-scale upland farming market in North America and Europe
~ Kubota is making a full-scale entry with the M7001 Series ~

As rising food demand due to increasing populations has been boosting the demand for agricultural machinery worldwide, Kubota is accelerating the global launch of its agricultural machinery for upland farming. The Company aims to help improve the efficiency of production of upland crops, which account for approximately 40% of global agriculture, taking advantage of the technological capabilities it has developed in the rice cultivation field.

Especially in North America and Europe, where the scale of agriculture has been increasingly expanding, large, high-horsepower agricultural machinery capable of performing heavy operations is in strong demand.

To satisfy such demand, Kubota has developed the M7001 Series large tractors with high operability, mobility, and comfort realized by its unique technologies. The Series comprises three horsepower levels-130, 150, and 170-with three models for each level.

With this lineup of nine models in total, Kubota started full-scale sales of the series in Europe in 2015 and in North America in 2016. At present, besides its main markets in North America and Europe, the M7001 Series tractors are also being sold in Australia and Japan, receiving high evaluation from users.

Kubota aims to become a "Global Major Brand" in the agricultural machinery industry, trusted all over the world.

Distribution of arable land in the world

Enhancing production, sales, and service activities

"Kubota is very different from American and European manufacturers in that it stands by us and carefully listens to us," said a dealer.

From the development stage, Kubota staff members repeatedly visit not only farmers but also the dealers that sell its products. By doing so, they can listen to their requests and find their specific needs.

Kubota's thorough after-sales service is also highly appreciated by its customers. Kubota will continue to carefully respond to the demand of its customers, thereby further expanding its sales.

Improving operability, mobility, and comfort

The series employs a touch panel, which enables multiple operations on a single screen, to simplify the operation of implements, and the levers are all positioned to improve operability.

With optional functions using advanced technologies, including a GPS (global positioning system)-based automatic operation system and auto-steering, it has received a high reputation since immediately after its debut.

Creating synergies with implements

Following the acquisition of the Kverneland AS (hereafter, "Kverneland"), a Norwegian implement manufacturer, in 2012, Kubota acquired another manufacturer, Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc. (hereafter, "GP"), with the aim of better satisfying the needs of customers by enhancing the integrated sales of tractors and implements.

By combining the GP's sowing and plowing implements that are suitable for farming in North America with Kverneland's grass implements, Kubota creates synergies and will aim to further expand its implement business in the North American and European market.

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