Construction Machinery:
Contributing to Urban Infrastructure Development Worldwide

Skid steer loader (SSL)

SSL's main market is North America. It is used for multiple purposes, such as construction, civil engineering, and agriculture.

Number of housing starts in the United States

For the development of society, it is crucial to enhance social infrastructure (social environment), such as constructions and roads. Housing demand in North America, in particular, has been showing an upward trend.

For the sustainable development of society, it is necessary to improve work efficiency, paying attention to the preservation of natural environment and cost reduction for public works and construction companies. Under these circumstances, construction machinery that can meet a wide range of construction needs of not only urban centers but also in rural areas is expected to play an extremely significant role.

Kubota is becoming a comprehensive small-sized construction machinery manufacturer.

Kubota launched skid steer loaders (SSL) in 2016, taking a new step forward as a comprehensive small-sized construction machinery manufacturer. By adding the SSL to its main product lineup of compact excavators, wheel loaders and compact truck loaders, Kubota aims to advance from the world's top share holder in the compact excavator market to the top share holder in the entire small-sized construction machinery market. In such position, Kubota will provide greater support for urban infrastructure development around the world, contributing to the creation of a more comfortable, safe, and beautiful living environment.

Photo:Compact excavators

Compact excavators

Chosen by many customers in Japan, Europe, and North America, holding the world's top share in the compact excavator market (less than 6 t).

Photo:Wheel loaders

Wheel loaders

Used mainly in advanced countries for multiple transportation purposes, such as for snow removal and agriculture.

Photo:Compact truck loaders

Compact truck loaders

Stable performance is highly appreciated in recent years, boosting demand particularly in North America.

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