Engines:Contributing to Reduction of Environmental Loads Worldwide by Offering Clean Engines

Steps toward EU emissions standards (Stage V)

Industrial engines manufactured by Kubota serve not only as the heart of the Kubota's agricultural and construction machinery but also as the power source of various non-Kubota industrial machines around the world.

In line with the growing global environmental awareness, engine emission regulations are becoming increasingly stringent in many countries around the world. Kubota, based on the technologies it has cultivated so far, is developing engines that can satisfy the most stringent emissions regulations in the world (EU Stage V) with reduced burden on the environment.

Kubota offers engines that comply with national and regional emissions regulations around the world.

Europe, US, Japan

DPF only

China, India, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil

With EGR

Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia

Without EGR
DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) Post-exhaust treatment device (filter) that collects the particles contained in diesel engine exhaust
SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) Post-diesel exhaust treatment device that reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) to harmless nitrogen and water
EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Mechanism that recirculates a portion of exhaust back into combustion air, thereby reducing generation of nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Production, sales and service sites

Engine production line at KUBOTA Engine (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Kubota's first vertical-type diesel engine production plant in overseas)

Kubota's engine production plants and sales companies are located worldwide, offering engines that comply with the emissions regulations of each region, from places close to customers. In after-sales service, similarly, Kubota always responds to requests from customers using its worldwide service network.

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