Agricultural Machinery:Contributing to Sustainable Japanese Agriculture

Average age of farmers and the ratio of large-scaled farms (5 ha or above)

Japan's agricultural industry, facing various problems, such as serious labor shortage, aging of farming population, and expansion of the farm area per operator, is required to further improve efficiency. Under severe circumstances with declining domestic demand for agricultural produce, farmers are seeking "aggressive agriculture" by introducing new technologies and know-how, and through various other efforts.

With ICT and robot technology, developing agricultural machinery and systems that enable low-cost, ultra labor-saving, and precise farm work

The Kubota Smart Agri System (KSAS), a system to support farm operations, employs ICT to visualize data of farmland management and work records, which are conventionally controlled using manually drawn maps and other documents. Working in conjunction with the KSAS-compatible agricultural machines, the system can also accumulate data on taste and yield, thereby supporting farmers in improving the quality and yield of their crops and reducing costs.

Kubota also promotes introduction of robot technologies in agricultural machinery. Keeping straight function and autonomous operation using GPS make long hours of farm work less tiring and more comfortable, and enable even unexperienced operators to perform precise operations.

Figure:Kubota Smart Agri System (KSAS)

logo: KSAS

Figure:Rice transplanter with keeping straight function

Rice transplanter with keeping straight function

Figure:Autonomous tractor (under development)

Autonomous tractor (under development)

"Kubota's Farm" to practice and demonstrate sustainable farm management models

"Kubota´s Farm"

Kubota proposes sustainable farming in the future for farm managers, taking advantage of its comprehensive capabilities it has fostered along with the development of Japan's agricultural industry.

Kubota will increase the "Kubota's Farm" to 15 locations throughout Japan, as the places to practice and demonstrate large-scale, low-cost farming, next-generation facility horticulture, smart farming, and various other new technologies, as well as its farm management solutions such as iron-coated direct seeding. Through sharing and collaborating with local communities and governments, Kubota will propose comprehensive solutions based on the unique local characteristics.

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