Strengths of the Kubota Group

Group-wide Commitment to Issues Related to Food, Water, and the Environment

Figure:Food, Water, and the Environment

Since its foundation in 1890, Kubota has delivered a variety of products that contribute to people's lives and society, including cast-iron water pipes for the development of modern waterworks, agricultural machinery to increase food production and save labor, and environmental facilities to harmonize humans with the environment. Today, the world faces many challenges in the areas of food, water and the environment, which are each indispensable for human beings. The Kubota Group believes that its mission is to contribute to comprehensively solving the problems concerning food, water, and the environment through its superior products, technologies and services, thereby continuing to support the future of the earth and humanity. The Kubota Group will listen to the voices of its customers throughout the world, and make continuous efforts toward the sustainable growth of both society and the company, by employing the Group's full capabilities.

Major Businesses

Agricultural machinery

Since the food shortage following World War II, Kubota has contributed to the evolution of Japan's agricultural industry and produced agricultural machinery focused on rice cultivation that ensures customers' trust through solid technology and quality. As a leading company in the Japanese agricultural machinery market (tractors, combine harvesters, rice transplanters), Kubota has contributed to streamlining and labor-savings in the agricultural industry. Moreover, in Asia, North America and Europe, its products are also used in numerous applications such as mowing lawns and light construction work in addition to farming. From Japan to the world, from rice-growing to upland field farming, the Kubota Group continues to advance in leaps and bounds.


Photo:combine harvesters

Photo:rice transplanters

Construction machinery

Kubota's small construction machinery plays a major role in urban infrastructure development, etc. The Kubota Group holds the world's top share in the compact excavators category (6 t or less).

Photo:Construction machinery


Kubota's engines satisfy all global emission regulations. The Kubota Group holds the world's top share for industrial diesel engines with displacements of no more than 100 hp.


Pipe systems and water treatment facilities

Represented by the ductile iron water pipes passed down since foundation as its core business boasting the largest share in Japan, Kubota is a comprehensive manufacturer of water-related products, from the intake of water to its discharge, including major products such as pumps, valves and water treatment facilities. Within Japan, in addition to our flagship iron pipes, Kubota has made several accomplishments as a top brand in the water treatment field.

Photo:Pipe systems and water treatment facilities(1)

Photo:Pipe systems and water treatment facilities(2)

Photo:Pipe systems and water treatment facilities(3)

Corporate Data (as of December 31, 2016)

Corporate name Kubota Corporation Total number of shares issued 1,241,119,180
Head Office 1-2-47, Shikitsu-higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-8601 Japan Number of shareholders 36,121
Established 1890 Revenues (consolidated) ¥1,596.1 billion
Capital ¥84.0 billion Employees (consolidated) 38,291

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