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Farm & Industrial Machinery

Results of FY2016

Revenues in Farm & Industrial Machinery decreased by 5.1% from the same period in the prior year to ¥1,272.1 billion and accounted for 79.7% of consolidated revenues. Domestic revenues decreased by 7.0% to ¥281.5 billion. Overseas revenues decreased by 4.6% to ¥990.7 billion. Operating income decreased by 16.5% to ¥185.0 billion.

* Due to the change in fiscal year-end, the fiscal year ended December 31, 2015 was the nine-month period that commenced on April 1, 2015 and ended on December 31, 2015. Therefore, the results of operations for the year ended December 31, 2016 are compared with the results for the same period in the prior year that commenced on January 1, 2015 and ended on December 31, 2015.

Revenues and overseas revenue ratio

Graph:Revenues and overseas revenue ratio

Operating income and operating margin

Graphperating income and operating margin

Launching multipurpose tractors tailored to local needs in the Indian market

写真:Multipurpose tractor transporting sugar caneMultipurpose tractor transporting sugar cane

In India, the largest tractor market in the world, tractors are used year-round, not only for agricultural work but also for towing trailers to transport farm produce and construction materials.

Kubota developed a multipurpose tractor specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the Indian market, and started mass production and sales at the end of 2015. This model is heavier than conventional tractors, and demonstrates excellent towing performance and high durability against use under severe conditions.

With this launch of tractors tailored to local needs, Kubota will proactively open up the Indian market.

Launching two combine harvester models to satisfy the needs of the Chinese market

Recently in China, professional contract harvesters, who are entrusted by farmers to harvest their crops, have been increasing, operating in severe competition with each other.

Since they use different sizes of trucks to unload rice hulls from combine harvesters and park the trucks in a variety of places, Kubota has launched the head-feeding combine harvesters equipped with rotary unloaders, which can be used under various conditions.

Also, in response to the rising demand for higher-performance machines to win competitions between professional contract harvesters, Kubota has also introduced crawler-type conventional combine harvesters with horsepower improved from 67 to 99, thereby satisfying the needs of the rapidly changing Chinese market.

写真:Head-feeding combine harvester PRO588i-G(rotary unloader model)Head-feeding combine harvester PRO588i-G (rotary unloader model)

写真:Crawler-type conventional combine 
harvester PRO988QCrawler-type conventional combine harvester PRO988Q

Full-scale launch of the M7 Series large tractors for upland farming in the Japanese market (won the Good Design Award 2016)

写真:The cabin designed to ensure comfort for long work hoursThe cabin designed to ensure comfort for long work hours

In Japan, where the number of large-scaled farmers has been increasing and the scale of farming operation has been expanding, there is growing need for agricultural machines with improved work efficiency and operability.

In response to this need, Kubota has fully launched the M7 Series for the large-scale upland and dairy farming market in Japan. By introducing models equipped with an auto-steering function, thereby enhancing the lineup of its GPS machinery called the Farm Pilot series, Kubota aims to contribute to improving the productivity of farming operations in Japan.

This M7 Series won the Good Design Award 2016. Its performance in reducing the burden of workers and its dynamic design demonstrating the tractor’s inherent strengths were highly regarded.

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