CSR Management of the Kubota Group

* CSR=Corporate Social Responsibility

By streamlining agriculture, the Kubota Group contributes to the abundant and stable production of food./グラフ:Undernourished population by region (Unit: million people)

By enhancing water infrastructures,
				the Kubota Group contributes to supply and restoration of reliable water resources./グラフ:Percentage of population with access to safe water

By enhancing social infrastructures,
				the Kubota Group contributes to the creation and conservation of
				a comfortable living environment./グラフ:World urban and rural population prospects, and proportion of urban population

Basic Policy for CSR Management

All Kubota Group employees share the Kubota corporate principles of Kubota Global Identity and will contribute to their stakeholders and society by conducting corporate activities in which each individual fulfills his or her role and responsibilities. By doing so, they are aiming for the ongoing synergistic development of the Kubota Group and society.

図:Basic Policy for CSR Management

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