Involvement with Local Society

The Kubota Group respects the cultures and customs of each country and region in which it conducts business, and endeavors to establish relationships of trust with local communities. Moreover, Kubota proactively engages in social contribution activities in order to fulfill its responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

the KUBOTA e-Project

Social contribution activities in the areas of food, water and the environment

In an effort to contribute to society in the areas of food, water and the environment, Kubota commenced the Kubota e-Project in FY2008.

Kubota promises to continue to support the prosperous life of humans while protecting the environment of this beautiful earth. Through this promise to everyone, Kubota seeks the understanding and cooperation of its stakeholders as it contributes to the creation of a sustainable society.

Figure:the KUBOTA e-Project

Support for the restoration of abandoned farmland

Photo:Support for the restoration of abandoned farmland

Kubota supports efforts to restore abandoned farmland throughout Japan by offering agricultural machinery.

KUBOTA GENKI Agriculture Experience Workshop

Photo:KUBOTA GENKI Agriculture Experience Workshop

This program aims to deepen understanding of agriculture and promote emotional education opportunities through rice growing experiences such as rice transplanting and harvesting as well as tasting the harvested rice.

Developing regional brands and advertising farm fresh crops

Photo:Developing regional brands and advertising farm fresh crops

Efforts are made to expand opportunities to generate awareness of fresh and processed food products that are the pride of each region of Japan.

Improving global water environments

Photo:Improving global water environments

Kubota makes every possible effort to reduce the number of people who do not have access to safe water. To this end, Kubota is supporting the construction of wells in India being undertaken by an NGO that has been active in Asia for many years. Six wells were completed as of 2016.


Photo:KUBOTA e-Day

Kubota employees volunteer in community beautification and cleanup activities throughout the region. Since 2008, when company-wide involvement started, approx. 8,000 people have participated in this program each year.

"UCHIMIZU" solution for heat island

Photo:"UCHIMIZU"	solution for heat island

Kubota participates in the "UCHIMIZU" (sprinkling water on the ground) project jointly with community residents, thereby contributing to anti-global warming initiatives.

KUTOBA "TERRA-KOYA" summer camp

Photo:KUTOBA "TERRA-KOYA" summer camp

Kubota sponsors the "TERRA-KOYA" summer camp, which enables children to experience the abundance of nature as well as learn about the importance of the global environment. Since this program began in 2007, a total of 205 children have participated in it.

Kubota Sun-Vege Farm Co., Ltd.

Photo:Kubota Sun-Vege Farm Co., Ltd.

Kubota Sun-Vege Farm Co., Ltd. engages in hydroponic cultivation of vegetables in order to create an environment that allows people with disabilities to work actively. At present, 12 people with disabilities are employed at Sun-Vege Farm.

Education support program (visiting lecture)

Photo:Education support program (visiting lecture)

This program provides opportunities for young people, who will be responsible for future generations, to learn how to engage in issues related to food, water and the environment by teaching them about farm machinery, mechanisms for purifying water, etc.

Mainichi Earth Future Prize

Photo:Mainichi Earth Future Prize

In the field of food, water and the environment, Kubota admires individuals and groups working on solutions for social issues at the grass-roots level in Japan and overseas, and sponsors activities that honor them publicly. Kubota has sponsored the Mainichi Earth Future Prize, which began as the Mainichi International Exchange Prize in 1989. Since it was renamed in 2011, a total of 344 individuals and groups have applied for the prize.

KUBOTA Active Lab

Photo:KUBOTA Active Lab

KUBOTA Active Lab offers participating high school students the opportunity to learn on their own about topics concerning food, water and the environment. Kubota has sponsored this program since 1985, accepting 50 to 60 participants each year.

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