Relationships with Our Customers

Based on the "Customer First Principle", Kubota aims to offer products, technologies, and services that exceed customers' needs at a speed beyond their expectations. We seek what we have to do to maximize customer satisfaction based on the "Onsite" approach policy perspective, which includes going to the actual site, seeing the product, and confirming actual facts, and put into immediate action whatever we can.

Kubota will continue to promote initiatives in all aspects of its operations, including development, production, sales and services, aiming not only to improve sales and profits, but also to establish itself as "Global Major Brand" trusted by a maximum number of customers and capable of making a maximum contribution to society.

Customer Service

Creating value by integrating core products and information communications technologies (ICT)

The 1st Parts Sales Meeting for Asian Kubota Overseas Subsidiary Held

In Asia and other emerging markets, cheap and low-quality imitation parts prevail, which may have a serious impact on product performance. Allowing the use of such imitation parts may result in undermining the reliability of Kubota products.

Kubota therefore promotes activities to disseminate genuine parts of reliable quality in the market, with the aim of ensuring long product life and improving trust in the Kubota brand. By achieving this, Kubota aims to improve the efficiency of farming in emerging countries, thereby contributing to the realization of richer and more stable food production.

In July 2016, with a view to the dissemination and spread of genuine parts in Asian markets, Kubota held the first Parts Sales Meeting in Osaka, targeting the personnel in charge of parts sales of Kubota Overseas Subsidiary in Southeast Asia and China. The Meeting successfully raised the motivation of the local parts sales representatives and fostered a sense of unity as members of the Kubota Group. At the Meeting, discussions were held on the problems faced by each country and the countermeasures there of, and good practices in sales promotion activities were shared. Making use of these results of the conference, Kubota will make continued efforts to increase sales of genuine parts and improve customer satisfaction.

Parts sales promotion activities by each company were presented.Parts sales promotion activities by each company were presented.
* Photo shows the presentation by KPI of the Philippines

Attending distributorsAttending distributors:
SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. [SKC]
P.T. Kubota Machinery Indonesia [KMI]
Sime Kubota Sdn.Bhd. [SKSB]
Kubota Agricultural Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. [KAMS]
Kubota Vietnam, Co., Ltd. [KVC], P.T. Kubota Indonesia [PTKI]
Kubota Philippines, Inc. [KPI], Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Prt., Ltd.[KAI]

Service technical skills and leader’s proposal contests

Kubota held the Service Technical Skills Contest in December 2016. On December 6, 17 representatives of the Kubota Group members in Asia, Europe, the U.S, and Australia who had won the local contests in each country participated and competed in terms of their service skills. On December 8, 25 representatives of Japanese sites who had won the preliminary competitions held throughout Japan competed in a serious and enthusiastic manner. Kubota will continue to hold this contest to help its employees improve their service technical skills and become human resources who earn greater trust from customers.

In Japan, in FY2016, the third Leader’s Proposal Contest was held. Representatives from 13 dealers took part in the contest, pitching their abilities to accurately assess customer needs and offer proposals that would lead to expansion and profit growth. Kubota will continue to improve its service technologies and proposal-making skills even further through these contests, thereby reinforcing customer trust and ensuring their peace-of-mind.

Photo:Service Technical Skills ContestService Technical Skills Contest

Photo:Leader’s Proposal ContestLeader’s Proposal Contest

Customer satisfaction survey

Kubota conducts a survey to obtain feedback related to domestic farm machinery from the customers of its dealers, and monitors customer satisfaction with its products. We share the feedback and survey scores received by respondents with dealers and related departments, and utilize the information to improve our sales and service activities, as well as our products.

"Overall customer's satisfaction with store where purchased” for July 2015 to June 2016 improved over the previous year (surveyed from July 2014 to June 2015), rising from 59.9 to 61.7.

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