Relationships with Employees

Customer satisfaction cannot be accomplished without employee satisfaction. The Kubota Group promotes the creation of comfortable and motivated workplaces where its employees can not only work safely and securely but also feel pride and joy in their work.

In accordance with the Kubota Group Charter for Action & Code of Conduct, which is our global standard for conduct, we carry out audits and interviews at overseas bases with a clear understanding of the circumstances of each country and region, in order to raise the level of employee-related policies across the entire group.

Respecting Human Rights

Declaring respect for human rights in the Code of Conduct

Based on the Kubota Group Code of Conduct, activities are carried out to raise the awareness of human rights in Japan and overseas.

Code of Conduct (excerpts)

  • We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and respect the human rights of all people.
  • We do not discriminate or violate human rights on the basis of nationality, race, age, gender, or for any other reason.
  • We do not permit forced labor or child labor, and also request our business partners to comply in this regard.

Educating employees on human rights

Kubota has a Human Rights Advancement Planning & Coordination Committee. Its members are building a framework that will enable all employees to receive human rights education and nurture a culture of valuing fellow human beings based on the specific activity policies of each Kubota base. It is now possible to receive human rights education from overseas via a video conference system.

Kubota also encourages its employees to proactively participate in seminars hosted by corporate organizations addressing human right issues and government organs. In FY2016, all Kubota employees (in terms of the total number of participants) in Japan received human rights education through internal or external training programs.

External organizations:
The Corporate Federation for Dowa and Human Rights Issues, Osaka (also participating in Shiga, Wakayama, Hyogo, Chiba and Hiroshima)
Osaka City Corporate Human Right Promotion Council (with related organizations in each municipality)
The Center for Fair Recruitment and Human Rights Advancement
The Multi-Ethnic Human Rights Education Center for Pro-existence
Osaka Career Support & Talent Enhancement Plaza, etc.

Human rights training concerning LGBT-related issues for directors and managersHuman rights training concerning LGBT-related issues for directors and managers (Feb. 17, 2017)
(Lecturer: Maki Muraki, Representative of Nijiiro Diversity)

Consultation office system

Photo:Seminar for Consultation Office personnelSeminar for Consultation Office personnel
(Lecturer: Satomi Kuwano, Director, Business Partner Office)

As remedial action for victims of human rights violation, Kubota established the Kubota Hotline—a reporting system that includes the use of outside lawyers—and consultation office systems at each of its bases, including those overseas, thereby enabling it to respond swiftly to any issues that may arise.

In order to raise awareness of the existence of domestic consultation offices, we distribute pocket cards with contact details to all employees and introduce such offices through the company intranet, posters, email magazines, human rights seminars, and so on.

Each year, Kubota holds training for its domestic consultation office personnel in which external lecturers are invited to speak so that participants may improve their counseling ability and prevent secondary victimization. In 2016, lectures on topics related to the revised Equal Employment Opportunities Act (enforced on January 1, 2017) were held in Tokyo and Osaka. A total of 211 employees, including those via a video conference system, took part in this program.

Human Rights Week

In order to enhance awareness of human rights, Kubota holds a contest targeting all Japan-based employees including those from affiliate companies, where participants submit human rights-related slogans during Human Rights Week, which is celebrated every December. In 2016, entries were received from a total of 17,557 applicants (an application rate of 89.3%) and the best slogan from each business site was featured on a poster.

Protection of privacy

From the perspective of respecting human rights and protecting privacy, Kubota conducts several inspections each year to ensure there are no insufficiencies in investigation tasks such as credit surveys.

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