Relationships with Employees

Customer satisfaction cannot be accomplished without employee satisfaction. The Kubota Group promotes the creation of comfortable and motivated workplaces where its employees can not only work safely and securely but also feel pride and joy in their work.

In accordance with the Kubota Group Charter for Action & Code of Conduct, which is our global standard for conduct, we carry out audits and interviews at overseas bases with a clear understanding of the circumstances of each country and region, in order to raise the level of employee-related policies across the entire group.

Personnel Measures in Tune with Globalization

Expanding the overseas trainee system

From Japan to the world

Photo:Human Resource Department traineesHuman Resource Department trainees

Since 1997, Kubota has dispatched a number of employees to its overseas subsidiaries and affiliated companies each year for training purposes. In 2016, Kubota began to dispatch trainees to agricultural universities in Europe to learn the latest in precision farming. Kubota will continue to dispatch employees overseas as one of its most effective initiatives to foster global human resources.

From the world to Japan

Photo:A training sessionA training session

For two months from November 2016, Kubota accepted two employees of Kubota Engine (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (KEW), a Group company in China, as technical trainees available for on-site practice in Japan. At KEW, a new engine manufacturing line is scheduled to start operation in April 2017. The two trainees are expected to play the leader's role. In 2015, in an effort to foster and establish managers, supervisors and skilled workers who can play central roles on the production floors of overseas subsidiaries and affiliated companies, Kubota introduced the "Guidelines When Accepting Trainees from Overseas Subsidiaries and Affiliates."

With the start of accepting technical trainees, it is expected that local employees with full understanding of the Kubota-style manufacturing concepts will increase at overseas sites.

VoiceWe worked at the Sakai Plant as trainees from KEW for about two months.

We discovered many things to learn in manners and attitudes toward work. For example, at the Sakai Plant, we saw all the members greeting each other loudly and briskly. We were also impressed by their attitude of voluntarily improving their work processes and inspecting equipment.

After returning to our country, we are making use of what we have learned through this training in our operations. At the same time, we have also summarized important points and use them in our training of new members.

Photo:Kubota Engine (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (KEW)
Xu Lin, Zhou LinlinXu Lin,
Zhou Linlin
Kubota Engine (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (KEW)

Started the next-generation management training in North America

Photo:Selected traineesSelected trainees

In April 2016, five companies in the North America area of the Kubota Group Machinery Domain, and Kubota's Machinery Overseas Administrative Division and Human Resources Department jointly launched a North America management training program to develop local management executives. The aim of the North America management training is to develop local management executives who are capable of contributing to the global management of Kubota, as well as to raise the motivation of local staff and foster a sense of unity among the training participants from each company. The five selected trainees received programs necessary for prospective leaders at the business school of Emory University in the United States.

Kubota will endeavor to activate exchanges between overseas and domestic operation sites, and also among overseas sites, thereby strengthening its global management system.

Ongoing foreign language training of new employees

In an effort to foster global human resources with the necessary language skills and the ability to adapt to different cultures, since FY2008 Kubota has been offering new employees the opportunity to participate in a one-month foreign language education program.

There are a variety of courses to suit each employee's individual language ability when they begin their employment, and the employees who have acquired language skills above a certain level are granted the opportunity to study business English at a language school in North America or participate in an internship program at an overseas affiliate in order to gain more practical English skills.

Employees dispatched for foreign language training (Kubota Corp.)

Graph:Employees dispatched for foreign language training

* Tallied from January 1 to December 31 for each year

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