The Possibilities of Titanic Acid Compounds

Titanic acid compounds include materials with a wide variety of characteristics such as barium titanate known for ferroelectricity and aluminum titanate known for thermal shock resistance. Technologies for using titanic acid compounds are now being developed.

Kubota Corporation has unique technologies including one to produce specially-shaped titanic acid compounds and another to synthesize derivatives from chain architectures such as TiO6 octahedron utilizing intercalation.

Diverse properties attained by integrating these technologies offer tremendous potential as future functional materials.

Electrical characteristics

  • Dielectricity
  • Piezoelectricity/Pyroelectricity
  • Conductivity
  • Semiconductor

Thermal characteristics

  • Heat resistance
  • Thermal insulating property
  • Low thermal expansivity

Mechanical characteristics

  • Wear resistance
  • Reinforcement property

Chemical characteristics

  • Chemical resistance/Hydrophilicity
  • Surface activity
  • Antimicrobial property

Figure TOP-a

Development Philosophy

Figure TOP-b

The philosophy of the TXAX Department of Kubota Corporation is to offer "the products that customers truly need in the global market, by developing sophisticated materials that are friendly to people and the environment".

Technological trends, which started with potassium titanate TXAX, are expanding to titanic acid compounds offering new functions and characteristics, based on Kubota’s product and process technologies. The TXAX Department is forging a valuable new market that will help build a sustainable society through R&D.

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