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TXAX is a synthesized inorganic compound which does not occur naturally. It is a highly functional ceramic material which was developed and commercialized by Kubota based on the results of a collaborative research project with the National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (NIRIM), then affiliated with the former Science and Technology Agency.
Kubota's potassium titanate (TXAX) is a highly safe "green" material supplied in the form of plate-like large-diameter long fibers which are different from whiskers (needle-like single crystal fibers).

Features of TXAX

Crystalline potassium titanate fibers:TXAX-A,TXAX-MA,TXAX-kA Highly-dielectric calcium titanate fibers:TXAX-CT Non-crystalline potassium titanate:TXAX-GP Porous spherical titanic acid compounds:GTX-C
1. Chemically and Physically Stable Crystal Structure
The most characteristic features of the material are heat resistance, heat insulation at high temperatures, wear resistance, and friction stability. Furthermore, a tunnel-like crystal structure gives it high chemical and physical stability.
2. < Melting Method> : Kubota Proprietary Technique
Kubota developed a proprietary technique called the "melting method" which can produce polycrystals of large diameter and length. It has already identified various applications, including brake and clutch friction materials in machines such as automobiles, reinforcing materials for plastic and metal products, and coating materials.

SEM Images of Products







Related Technologies

Titanic acid compounds have many useful material properties. Kubota, having the technical know-how to control crystal shapes, can offer them as large-diameter long fibers. Furthermore, through simultaneous utilization of synthesis and modification technologies, materials with new properties may be developed.

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