A Cutting-Edge
“Food and Agriculture”
Research and Development
Focused on
People’s Wishes and Challenges

We envision a future where
everyone abundantly enjoys
a food supply and livelihood.
Co-creating and implementing innovation
new initiatives are essential
for achieving this future.

However, challenges surrounding
"food and agriculture",
including world’s
population growth,
global environmental problems,
a decreasing number of farmers,
and food loss issues are becoming
increasingly complex and serious.

Kubota aims to create a place in which
people can consider
the past, present,
and future of food and agriculture,
and find possible approaches
for creating
a better future
at the “Future Life Expo: Future City
a Future Society Showcase project
at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

Bridging the Cycle of Life,
Let Us Create the Future Together