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  • Kubota Obtained the Highest-Rating in “CDP Water Security Program 2021”

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  • Completion of the Process to Make AgJunction a Company of the Kubota Group

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  • The Agri Robo Rice-Transplanter Makes Planting Beautiful

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  • Water Pipes that Won’t Break in an Earthquake: The Mission Inherited by Kubota’s Engineers

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Who We Are

Kubota uses a wide range of products and technologies to provide solutions in the areas of food, water, and the environment, which are indispensable for people's lives. From a grain of rice or a drop of water to the foundations of society and industry, Kubota's solutions support the lives of human beings.

  • Agriculture

    As a comprehensive solutions provider for agriculture, Kubota offers total support at every stage of farming, from developing agricultural machinery that meets farmers' needs to the production, processing and consumption of agricultural products. Kubota supports farming throughout the world and contributes to a more prosperous future for people and food.

  • Water

    Kubota's water environment solutions are active in all aspects of the water cycle, supporting water infrastructure in Japan and throughout the world. As a water treatment specialist, we are committed to finding solutions to the world's water problems and supplying safe water to all people in the world.

  • Environment

    Social infrastructure is indispensable for our prosperous and comfortable lives. Industrial infrastructure serves as the foundation for manufacturing. Kubota answers the needs of society to offer solutions that support these infrastructures, contributing to more affluent lives for humans.


Kubota envisions the social issues that could arise in the near future and creates new services and business and develops products in anticipation if these issues, contributing even further to society.


Kubota considers food, water and the environment as a singular theme, and aims to realize a sustainable society through a proper cycle of these elements using technology and solutions.

  • The KUBOTA REPORT Introduces financial and non-financial information in an integrated manner, centering on Kubota's long-term vision and Mid-Term Business Plan based on ESG management.

    Integrated Report (KUBOTA REPORT)
  • GLOBAL INDEX is Kubota’s corporate communication magazine featuring stories of Kubota’s global projects.