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Characteristics of Kubota's Technology

Kubota Corporation has established various element technologies for titanic acid compounds. By utilizing these technologies, Kubota is able to develop new materials to overcome technological issues in various fields.

Shape control technology using the melting method

Melting aspect

Shape control technology for large diameter and length

Through joint research with the former National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials at the Science and Technology Agency, Kubota Corporation has established a unique melting method for synthesizing titanic acid compounds with a large diameter and length.

Synthesis Technology

Intercalation technology

Kubota Corporation is able to modify titanic acid compounds to have different functions by using titanic acid intercalation compounds, obtained by the melting method, and intercalation ionic exchange.
In addition, by combining this approach with technology for creating special shapes not possible with conventional methods, Kubota can produce titanic acid compounds with entirely new properties.

Intercalation technology

Synthesis Technology

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