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Joint Development

Kubota Corporation has successfully conducted joint development with many enterprises and research institutes. Kubota has also actively promoted industry-university collaboration and has conducted joint research with many universities. TXAX resulted from joint research with the former National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials at the Science and Technology Agency, demonstrating the success of industry-university collaboration.

Reflecting the success of joint R&D over the past 10 years, Kubota has filed many industrial property right applications, of which approximately 1,229 industrial properties are open for the public and available.

Joint Development Flow

The style and flow of joint development usually vary depending on the relationship with the partner, target market, and desired effects.
Results of joint development include products, technologies, solutions, information, and industrial property rights, which will add functions, reduce costs, modify properties, enhance productivity, improve quality and performance, and develop applications. A typical joint development flow to achieve these results is shown below.

Table C1-1:Example of Joint Development Flow