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The Future of [ Food ] Aiming for a Globally Sustainable Food System. Kubota’s Smart Agri Solutions.

Growing food demand. Maintaining sufficient supply networks. Decreasing farming population.Challenging agricultural business. Kubota’s technologies tackle these issues for a better future.

Smart Agri Solutions Vision A Sustainable Food System that Builds and Connects the Entire Food Value Chain.

Making the entire food system sustainable by eliminating food imbalances. Achieving this goal requires more comprehensive optimization beyond improving individual production, distribution, and consumption processes. Kubota’s Smart Agri Solutions aim to produce and deliver the required quantity of food to the people who need them with consideration to the global environment while supporting the agricultural business infrastructure by connecting the procurement of agricultural materials with the production, processing, sales, and consumption of food. This food system is achievable as it involves the entire food value chain.

Kubota Will Share with the World the Satisfaction of Having Food to Eat.

Smart Agri Solutions TECNOLOGY #01 Technologies and Services, All for the Farmers.

Japan’s post-war food shortages and rapid economic growth have led to a decreasing farming population. Kubota – starting with the cultivator in 1947 – introduced tractors, rice transplanters, and other agricultural machinery one after another promoting food production and machinery. Furthermore, products for sorting and drying have also been developed, establishing an integrated mechanized system especially for rice farming. In addition, Kubota has partnered with the farmers to solve their issues from an agricultural business perspective. For example, we have worked with each farmer to ensure they maintain stable incomes all year round by determining the best measures of what to grow in the most efficient ways based on their land area and the soil status, as well as other proposals, such as growing alternative crops during the off-season.
Kubota Has Supported Farmers, Not as a Manufacturer, But as a Partner Both in Hard and Soft Solutions.

Smart Agri Solutions TECNOLOGY #02 Transforming Agriculture into a Profitable and Appealing Business.

One of the challenges facing agriculture is enhancing it as an appealing business. Kubota – in addition to promoting labor-saving agriculture through automated and unmanned agricultural machinery – has developed KSAS (Kubota Smart Agri System) agricultural management support service. KSAS utilizes ICT to create optimal cropping and work plans based on various data, such as the operating conditions of agricultural machinery. Automated and unmanned robot agricultural machinery work will allow anyone to grow high-quality and delicious crops. Furthermore, in the future, the system will link with external data making it possible to produce the required quantities of crops for the markets when needed. Measures like these will enhance profitability for the farmers as they can cultivate and harvest high-value-added crops without waste while reducing operating costs simultaneously.
Kubota Will Contribute to Sustainable Agriculture by Realizing Profitable Data-Linked Agriculture.

Smart Agri Solutions TECNOLOGY #03 Connecting People to Food with Kubota’s Agri-Platform Concept. The world’s food demand is expected to rise by 1.7 times in 2050 compared to 2010 *1. Even now, approximately one-third of the food produced worldwide is wasted *2. Approximately one in nine people in the world suffer from chronic malnutrition *3. *1: “JAPAN Long-term World Food Supply and Demand Projection for 2050”, Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (2019) *2: “Global Food Loss and Food Waste”, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2011) *3: “Understanding the Current State of Food Loss”, Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (2020)

To solve these food imbalances, examining them only from the perspective of agricultural production is insufficient. Therefore, Kubota has proposed the Agri-Platform concept, which encompasses the entire food value chain as a series of food systems. It connects all stakeholders, including consumers, enabling the exchange of information, products, and services. Farmers will produce adequate quantities of food so the required amounts can be delivered to those who need them. This will lead to providing safe and secure food for consumers. This concept will not only solve food imbalances but is also expected to benefit the natural environment, such as by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through optimized transportation.
Kubota, With Our Roots in Food Production, Can Accomplish This Human Challenge of Connecting Production to Consumption.

Smart Agri Solutions Technology #04 Kubota: Expanding Support from Sustaining Agriculture to Sustaining Food.

Kubota is thoroughly committed to the farmers. And we will transform farming into a highly appealing industry. Furthermore, we will bridge the once-segmented food value chain. These Kubota initiatives are the required pieces for building a sustainable food system. By proactively leveraging technologies such as robotics, ICT, and AI, Kubota’s Smart Agri Solutions will realize a food system that is friendlier to the Earth and beneficial to every living being, not only at the production sites but throughout the entire food value chain.
Building a Sustainable Food System. Kubota Will Continue Challenging Beyond the Agricultural Framework.
A World Where Everyone Will Have Enough to Eat. Kubota Will Support People’s Well-being Throughout the Entire Food System.
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Kubota’s vision of future Earth and technologies
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