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Other Technological Developments and Products

Other technological developments and products, using Kubota's technologies to produce specially-shaped titanic acid compounds and achieve high functionality, are as follows:

Porous titanic acid compounds "GTX"

Usually, potassium titanate has anisotropic crystal growth. Kubota Corporation has controlled anisotropy by adding a third component to successfully synthesize spherical porous sintered particles.

Figure B1-3a:Porous titanic acid compounds "GTX"

Plate-like calcium titanate "TXAX-CT"

Kubota Corporation has successfully synthesized plate-like calcium titanate with a large diameter and length by combining conventional solid reaction method with Kubota’s shape control and intercalation ionic exchange technologies.

Figure B1-3b:Plate-like calcium titanate "TXAX-CT"

Chemical name Calcium titanate
Chemical formula CaTiO3
Color Pale purple
Size(μm) Mean length: 50, Mean width: 12
Particle density(g/cm3) 4.0
Bulk density(g/cm3) 0.5
pH 8〜9
Moisture content(mass%) < 0.2
KS3N01 KS5N01
Density(g/cm3) 1.67 1.99
Flexural strength(MPa) 118 121
Flexural modulus(MPa) 5,170 10,640
Dielectric constant 1MHz 4 6
Dielectric dissipation factor 1MHz 0.002 0.004
Dielectric constant 5GHz 7 12
Dielectric dissipation factor 5GHz 0.003 0.003