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Conservation of

KUBOTA's policy on 'Conservation of Biodiversity'
& our relationship with biodiversity

In December 2009, in order to conserve biodiversity and ensurethat natural resources are used in a sustainable way, the KUBOTA Group incorporated a principle on biodiversity into its Environmental Action Guidelines.
To impose order on KUBOTA's relationship with biodiversity, we also drafted the list shown below. KUBOTA definesits business domains as 'food,''water'and 'the environment.' All our business activities use the bounty of nature in some form, while simultaneously having a major impact on animal and plant life.

Relationship with biodiversity

Planting trees and installing biotopes on our premises

Keiyo Plant ; Biotope
We have reproducted the water-front environment with local species plants.
Hanshin Plant ; Biotope
Every year we can find a lot of newly-emerged dragonflies at the pond.
Tsukuba Plant ; Afforestation
We have planted various trees and made a forest in the grounds.

Green forest
KUBOTA ENGINE AMERICA Corporation ; Afforestation
We have planted over 50 trees (apple, cherry, etc.) and added bird feeders.
Apple trees
Hirakata Plant ; Rooftop garden
In order to beautify the landscape, the green space has been installed in the rooftop of Training Center. It also demonstrates the effect of energy conservation in the building.
Rooftop garden
Head Office ; Rooftop garden
We have installed a green garden partially of the communications space. It provides a habitat and stopover for insects and birds in the urban area.

Vegetable-bed boxes
Sakai Plant ; Wall greening
In order to beautify the landscape around the plant, we have installed green wall on the north side of the plant.

wall greening
P.T. Kubota Indonesia; Afforestation
In order to contribute to the environment and beautify the corporate landscape, we have planted trees and made flower beds.


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