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Social Media Policy of the Kubota Group

For the official social media accounts, the Kubota Group will operate under the rules stated below. Social media, in our policy, refers to communication tools that provide interactive communication services to a large and unknown number of users though the internet.

Basic Policy

We will follow all laws and internal rules of the Kubota Group

Attitude for participating in social media

  • As members of society, we participate in social media with common sense, and take responsibility for our words.
  • We will listen to other users, and be careful to avoid misunderstanding when transmitting information. Denigration and impinging rights of third persons must not happen.
  • By sharing information and knowledge, we will make efforts to contribute to social media and its users.
  • As members of the Kubota Group, Kubota employees use official social media as a part of our business to improve the value of Kubota brand.
  • We understand the fact that transmitted information can be seen by unspecified large number of people and spread to an unexpected extent, and it cannot be deleted completely.

For our customers and those that use social media

  • Information sent by official accounts of are not necessarily reflected as comments represented by the Group. For official information about the Group, please visit our website or check news release.
  • Ways of communication with viewers, such as responses to comments and operating hours differ with accounts.

Official social media accounts of the Kubota Group