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Kubota Group Social Media Policy

The Kubota Group will comply with the rules stated below in operating its official social media accounts, as will its employees when using these social media accounts. Social media, in our policy, refers to online communication tools connecting an unspecified large number of internet users.


The Kubota Group uses its social media accounts for sharing publicity campaigns, information, announcements, and promotions to boost Kubota Group awareness and build better relationships with and among its many stakeholders and social media users.

Basic Policy

The Kubota Group and its employees will follow all laws and ordinances and the Kubota Group Charter for Action & Code of Conduct.

Attitude Toward Participating in Social Media

  • Embracing sound social ethical principles and integrity, we shall share information and respond responsibly.
  • We will carefully listen to customers and users, and take the initiative to provide information that most benefits social media and its users.
  • We understand that our informative content, and how it is shared, impacts society, and we strive not to transmit incorrect information or produce misunderstandings.
  • We recognize that information we share can be seen by an unspecified large number of people, and that it cannot be completely deleted.
  • We respect third party rights and will take care to not defame third parties.

For Our Customers and Social Media Users

  • Information posted on official social media accounts does not necessarily indicate an official Kubota announcement or position. Official announcements are made on our website and in news releases.
  • Information posted on official social media accounts is current as of the time of its release, and may be subject to change due to circumstances occurring after transmission.
  • How different accounts interact with viewers varies, including when and how to respond to comments. Please refer to specific accounts from Kubota Group Official Social Media Accounts provided below.
  • Refrain from posting anything that infringes on the rights or privacy of any third party, including but not limited to copyrights, and portrait rights, or anything that slanders or defames any specific individual or group including the Kubota Group and Kubota Group employees. Please note that Kubota may, at its own discretion, delete such posts and possibly block the applicable user.
  • Kubota, at its own discretion, may cease or suspend operation of its official accounts without notice.

Privacy Policy

Personal information obtained from official accounts will be appropriately handled and managed in compliance with the Kubota Privacy Policy.

Kubota Group Official Social Media Accounts